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The Russian Ministry of labor plans to amend the law to expand the audience of maternity allowance, and single parents c

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[Global Times comprehensive report] Russia's existing laws give priority to providing additional domestic support to women who have children

If the child is born to a surrogate mother and is raised by the father, the father cannot obtain the fertility fund

However, according to the 13th daily of the Russian "news", the Russian Labor Ministry said that it would submit a legal amendment to the government on the 29th of this month - to expand the audience of maternity allowances

It is reported that the bill will be submitted to the domestic Duma for deliberation before the end of the year

Once the bill is passed, the Russian Federation will list 104 for it next year

600million rubles (about 925 million yuan) budget

At present, Russian mothers who give birth to their first child can get 48

380000 rubles (about 42000 yuan), the second child can get 63

940000 rubles (about 56000 yuan)

The proposal of the Russian Ministry of labor has received wide support from all walks of life

Nilov, vice chairman of the Russian liberal democratic party, said: "in view of China's population situation, we should support any measure to increase the fertility rate

Single fathers can also raise children

" Russian sociologist karachev believes that in many families, men are both fathers and mothers

"The country should provide support for them

" (liuyupeng)

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