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Surrogacy is illegal and abandonment is shameful, but Zheng Shuang doesn't think so!

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I'm so bored with TMD

At the beginning of the new year, I'm like a bird that can't find an exit in the melon field


ZS, who was not called "hello", was exposed a series of scandals about surrogacy and abandonment

There was even a recording of a suspected discussion between parents of both sides on how to deal with their children: my grandfather said to abandon the child, my grandmother said not to give it away, my mother shouted that she couldn't kill it, and TMD was bored to death

So I pulled out the sword of justice

You know, surrogacy is an illegal act prohibited by law in China! What does surrogate mean? Surrogacy is explicitly prohibited in China's administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology

A fan of Ms

ZS said, "people don't want to get pregnant and they are willing to pay

If you love what I want, it's business

Why not?" How naive! There is no real voluntariness under great interests

There will always be countless hands to help advance

At that time, countless poor women will be the first victims: brothers have no money to marry a daughter-in-law

It is better to work in a surrogate bar than to earn money

Girls in mountainous areas have no money to go to school

They can't pay their debts in a surrogate bar

When they go to a surrogate bar, they can't pay off their debts

When they go to a surrogate bar, they can choose their own womb

Such scenes have happened in human trafficking, they will happen in surrogate

The harm of surrogacy and do you really think that surrogacy can make money? If Party A is willing to accept 500000 yuan as a surrogate for others, it will certainly be willing to accept the price of 100000, 50000 or even 20000 yuan

When supply exceeds demand, a price war will certainly begin in order to compete

In China, where surrogacy is legalized, some women are even kept like livestock, sacrificing their health to give birth to wealthier people

So you still think you love me? even bargain? Not only that, having children is a very high risk, and surrogacy is at its own risk

What if complications occur during pregnancy and childbirth? What if the child miscarries? What if the child has a congenital genetic disease? Sister Wei Yu, an irresponsible parent, has seen a lot

If surrogacy is legalized, will many people, like Ms

ZS, want to abandon it because their feelings have changed and they don't want it

A child is not a commodity, but a living life

Raising a pet should be responsible for them all their lives, not to mention children? Forbidding surrogacy, we can not stay out of it

Can I buy insurance for a surrogate child? Speaking of this, as an insurance practitioner, sister Wei Yu has committed another occupational disease

Let's popularize a little knowledge

Can you buy insurance for the child who comes out of surrogacy? Like Ms

ZS, it is impossible to buy insurance for children in China

According to Article 12 of the insurance law: if you want to buy personal insurance for a person, there must be an insurable interest recognized by law between you and the TA

Generally, we can insure for ourselves, our spouse, parents and children, or for family members who have a relationship with us

The two surrogate babies of ZS are proved by overseas legal documents and are not recognized by domestic laws


ZS cannot prove that the child is hers

If Ms

ZS wants to buy insurance for her children, there are two ways

1。 Adoption settlement becomes the legal mother of the child through the adoption settlement procedure

However, in practice, Ms

ZS's situation is in theory an international adoption, which needs to be completed through a series of very complicated international procedures

At the same time, we also need to handle the settlement of children born out of wedlock and settle the children in our own household register

After this process, she can buy insurance for her child

2。 Although the physical relationship between Ms

ZS and the child is not recognized by law, Ms

ZS also does not recognize it

However, if you have a physiological relationship, you can further strengthen the relationship recognized by the law, and you can buy insurance

It only needs to do paternity testing in hospitals with judicial expertise qualification in China, and notarize at a notary office

After notarization, you can also bring the overseas birth certificate to the police station to register and settle the illegitimate children

The notarized paternity test and registered residence certificate are in line with the insurance interests and can buy insurance for the child

Of course, 1


ZS, who owns 500million luxury houses, may not need to buy insurance for her children

What love can a person who can even do surrogacy and abandonment give to these two lives that can be easily bought back with money? TMD, I'm so bored

Do you think surrogacy can be forgiven? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~ report / feedback

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