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"Surrogate" girlfriend wants to marry me

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My girlfriend works in an advertising agency, and her income is certainly much better than that of the waiter in the restaurant in the past

I work in an auto repair shop, and my income is quite good

My girlfriend and I have been dating for two years, and our relationship has been very stable

I never thought that my girlfriend would have a close relationship with any man

Because my strong, confident and thoughtful girlfriend has always loved me deeply and outlined our future

My girlfriend said that now I am young to earn some money

With the capital and experience, I strive to have my own career

I believe my girlfriend will be able to do it

In those days, my girlfriend was just a waiter in a restaurant, but she took part in computer training while working

With her own skills, she soon found a job with good income

My girlfriend has a good plan

For example, although we have a deep relationship, we don't rent a house together like other lovers around us

My girlfriend said that their organization has a house provided free of charge

Although several people are crowded together, it's the same with me

Just living in the rent, we can save nearly a thousand dollars a month

"If we can have any left, there will be many places to spend money in the future!" This is what my girlfriend often says

In fact, my girlfriend has a more ambitious goal in her heart, that is, to buy a house like a city dweller, because only living and living in the city can you realize your dream step by step

House is the key to all this

However, in terms of the current house price, a house with an area of at least 80 square meters costs 300000 yuan, which is simply a distant dream

My family urged us to get married, and I quarreled with my girlfriend about marriage more than once

Her girlfriend said that she loved me, but she was unwilling to give up her life in this way

I said that many people are like this

My girlfriend said that she would rather not get married if she repeated her parents' life

I said, is it just for a house? My girlfriend said, not exactly, but at least the house is a symbol! I didn't ask who picked up my girlfriend that day

I'm confident in the relationship between my girlfriend and me

However, since this incident, I have increasingly felt that something was wrong with my girlfriend

For example, one or two days a week, she mysteriously disappeared

When I asked her, my girlfriend said that she would tell me the truth one day; In addition, my girlfriend sometimes says strange things

For example, my girlfriend told me that she has made great sacrifices for our future

If one day I can't understand her behavior, she won't blame me

When I asked my girlfriend what had happened, she smiled but didn't answer

She said, I believe the person she loves more will always be me& lt;& lt;& gt;& gt; Zhang Jia