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The website publicly recruits surrogate mothers and promises to pay at least 80000 yuan

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http://www。 sina。 com。 CNAT 10:45 on May 17, 2007, on April 6, this newspaper received a call from the reader Mr


He found that there was a recruitment information about "loving mothers" on the Internet

The so-called "loving mothers" are actually "surrogate mothers" who use their own bodies to help others give birth

The reporter then went to the website for inquiry, and soon found the recruitment information mentioned by Mr


The information was released on April 6, and the number of recruits reached 100

The reporter then sent an e-mail to the other party as an unemployed college student and left his contact information

Interview: promised to pay at least 80000 yuan

At about 9 a


on April 7, the reporter received a woman's mobile phone

She claimed to be a staff member of an institution

She made an appointment with the reporter for the interview

She also promised that the reporter would not pay for the whole surrogacy process, and the remuneration would vary from 80000 to 120000 yuan depending on the specific situation

On the afternoon of April 10, the reporter came to Zhichun Road urban railway station as agreed in advance, and came to a three bedroom building in a building in taiyueyuan --- the office of an institution

There was only one Miss Jia in the room

She claimed to be one of the customer supervisors

Miss Jia began to ask the reporter about his physical condition and family background

Later, she took out a service personnel registration form for the reporter to fill in

There are about 30 items in this one page registration form

In addition to the conventional name, age and blood type, it is also necessary to fill in the ID number, whether the skin is fair, whether the teeth are good or bad, hair quality, single and double eyelids, menstrual cycle, etc

In the column of expected compensation amount, the reporter filled in 100000 yuan under the guidance of Miss Jia

Meeting: he was taken to a private hospital

On the morning of April 21, the reporter came to Zhichun Road urban railway station, met Miss Jia and walked to meet the demander

A quarter of an hour later, the reporter was taken to a private hospital

This is a gynecological hospital, which mainly treats infertility and carries out test tube baby surgery

An independent 2-storey building with transparent glass external walls, the hospital is small, but clean and tidy, and there are not many patients seeking medical treatment

"Didn't you meet with the demander? Why did you come to the hospital directly?" The reporter asked

Miss Jia pointed to a pair of young women on the chair in the lobby and said, "they are

" As the agency kept the secret for the demander, the reporter learned from the subsequent conversation that the demander was a 29 year old woman from the south, named Li Yan, who had been childless for many years after marriage due to gynecological diseases

This time, accompanied by her sister, she went to Beijing to look for a surrogate mother

After sitting down, Sister Li Yan's questions were detailed and professional, including "what are you going to do if there are scars on your stomach?" "Can you promise not to meet acquaintances when you go to the south?" After a while, Miss Jia handed Li Yan several physical examination forms with the reporter's name written on them

The reporter realized that they had asked the reporter to have a physical examination on the spot

Li Yan said that in addition to paying journalists 100000 yuan and the costs of physical examination, surgery, food and accommodation, they also have to pay intermediary agencies 3

90000 yuan

Of which 2000 yuan is the contact fee for the introducer; 2000 yuan is the room and board expenses for the service personnel during the physical examination; 5000 yuan is the intermediary fee; The remaining 30000 yuan is the introduction fee for the agency to help contact hospitals and doctors

Relevant departments: violation of surrogacy operation will be investigated and dealt with

Yesterday morning, the reporter called the medical administration office of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of health

A staff member asked the reporter to send a copy of the information in writing

She said that she would report the situation to the Beijing Municipal Institute of health supervision and carry out investigation as soon as possible

According to the staff of the medical institution management office of the medical administration department of the Ministry of health, surrogacy surgery is strictly prohibited in the mainland

No matter which doctor performs the operation, as long as he practices medicine in Chinese Mainland, he must follow the relevant provisions of the Ministry of health

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