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Urged by Zheng Shuang's surrogate and abandoned son, Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen gave birth to unmarried children and we

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The entertainment industry is really flying these days

We haven't finished tasting Zheng Shuang's melons yet

Another big melon is worth watching and eating together by netizens

Huachenyu and zhangbichen both sent microblogs to admit that they were unmarried and had children

This matter not only didn't provoke public anger, but also won everyone's blessing under Cui Dong, Zheng Shuang's surrogate and abandoned son

But this matter also has a great impact on Wang Feng

Every time when he makes a new song, something big will happen, and then he will rob his own hot search, which is also very helpless

The reason why it was exposed was that on the evening of the 21st, some netizens exposed a top-notch star to register their children

After the news came out, netizens were also curious

Among the numerous guesses and evidences, the spearhead was directed at brilliance Yu and zhangbichen

At first, many people didn't believe it, because Hua Chenyu had always been a big boy and had a gentle personality

Then some of their scandals were uncovered

In 2015, Hua Chenyu and zhangbichen participated in variety shows and traveled around the world together

They were also close, but Hua Chenyu first denied it after being questioned by reporters

Let's take a look at their debut experiences

Brilliance Yu joined Hunan Satellite TV happy male voice in 2013 and won the championship of that year

What really made zhangbichen popular was the third season of China's good voice in 2014, which was also the championship of that year

Since then, zhangbichen's star has become broader, and she sang many theme songs of film and television dramas

In 2018, many netizens disclosed that Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu were in love because they were photographed with the same ring and coat

Some netizens said they had seen the two shopping together, and Zhang Bichen Fang denied it at that time

In fact, some people have found some signs before

In September, 2018, Zhang Bichen was just one or two months pregnant

At that time, her face was ruddy

At first, Zhang Bichen also showed photos of her upper body in order to prove that she was still active

Later, from the second half of 2018 to March 2019, Zhang Bichen disappeared from going to the United States for half a year, At that time, many netizens thought that zhangbichen had been banned

Now think about it, it is estimated that she was pregnant and gave birth in the United States

Brilliance Yu Fang's response to this was that the two would raise children together without getting married

In response, it was revealed that brilliance Yu was going to break up, but zhangbichen was pregnant and didn't want children

Zhangbichen had to be born and broke up for this reason

It is estimated that this is all a rumor

Hua Chenyu and zhangbichen are not only strong in the entertainment circle, but also have no scandal

They are a clean stream in the entertainment circle, and everyone likes them very much

Now Zheng Shuang's abandonment event is fermenting, and immoral artists will be banned, so they choose to publish it to the public, and Zhang Bichen has taken all the responsibilities

Hua Chenyu has no knowledge of it

Whether it is true or false, Zhang Bichen is quite admirable

Now the secret birth of children in the entertainment industry has always caused a wave of heat, and has an impact on artists

As the children get older, they will be discovered one day

Now it is a good opportunity to speak out before Zheng Shuang has finished eating his melons

As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison

Compared with Zheng Shuang, they have not committed any public anger, and have won the blessing of many netizens

Whether Zheng Shuang or zhangbichen, it is estimated that they were impulsive at that time and decided to have a child

However, the difference is that one is a surrogate who abandoned the baby, and the other is a secret baby

Of course, one has aroused public anger, and the other has been forgiven by netizens

The results are quite different

Similarly, as a popular traffic star, there are so many netizens who like them

They should also set a good example to guide more talents

Otherwise, they will disappoint everyone's warm attention and love for them

However, since they have decided to have children, they should also take corresponding responsibilities

The two people who used to be close have been separated for several years

This time, because the children get together again, their feelings are gradually running in

I believe huachenyu will be a good father, and it is estimated that their feelings with zhangbichen will be more profound

At the same time, it also makes us feel that the entertainment industry is really chaotic

I don't know how many people's secrets are still hidden in the ground and unknown

In a word, it is for their own future that everything is driven by interests, which makes them too much unknown

At the beginning of this year, one melon came after another

I don't know what big revelations will be made in the future

Let's wait and see

Who do you think has bigger melons? Welcome to discuss below

I'll be here first today

See you next time