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Under the epidemic situation, how did the surrogate Meibao parents successfully break through to the United States?

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Previously, I wrote an article about how to operate if parents can't pick up the baby in the United States in time after the birth of surrogate Meibao

The epidemic situation disrupts the situation

The surrogate Meibao parents cannot go to the United States

What should we do? Today, I went to the United States to share with the surrogate Meibao family the case that some parents of the surrogate Meibao family have successfully entered the United States (take Los Angeles as an example) in the past few months against the background that the panic caused by the epidemic has decreased

As we all know, under the epidemic situation, the U


Customs has a ban on entry and exit

If you want to enter the United States, if your parents hold a travel visa, you need to bring Meibao with you, so that you can have a chance to enter the United States smoothly

The surrogate Meibao has just been born, the baby is in the United States, and the parents are in China, so it certainly does not meet the above conditions

The question is, what should the parents of the surrogate Meibao family do when they enter the United States? Step 1: first make sure that the materials are complete


After the child is born, get the birth paper, which is the necessary material

If you can't wait for the official birth paper, you can use the temporary birth paper


Court judgment, surrogacy contract and other relevant materials 3

Passports of both parents and visa information within the validity period step 2: the key to fly to Los Angeles is to book air tickets

When boarding, the aviation agency (taking Air China Beijing as an example) will require relevant materials, that is, the materials listed above

After providing the materials, Air China will send an email to the U


Customs to confirm whether it can board the plane

After confirmation, it will fly to Los Angeles

After landing, the U


Customs may also cross examine

If it passes, it can enter the United States

The general process is like this

There is something unclear here to discuss

Remind me that the same material preparation can not be guaranteed by different families and airlines at different times

99% can board the plane and enter the United States smoothly

I remember that in the early stage of the epidemic, most of them would not get through smoothly Above, hope to be useful to you!

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