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Russian media: Russian legislation forbids foreigners from surrogacy in Russia | surrogacy in Russia | Global Times

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Source: Global Times [Global Times comprehensive report] according to the Russian "businessman" on the 25th, the Russian Duma passed a bill prohibiting foreign citizens and stateless persons from using Russian surrogacy services at a plenary meeting on the 24th

After the Russian police found a dead baby, four other children, a woman and a surrogate mother in an apartment in Moscow in January, 2020, members of the domestic Duma began to formulate a bill banning foreign surrogacy, and submitted a draft to the domestic Duma last December

Reuters pointed out that under the situation that surrogacy is prohibited in many countries, Russia has become a "big incubator" where paid surrogacy is legal

In the past few years, foreigners have taken 4 from Russia

Children born to 50000 surrogate mothers

The Russian human reproduction Association estimates that the actual situation is 10 times this figure

According to the act, only married Russian citizens or single women who are Russian citizens can use surrogacy services in Russia if they are unable to bear children according to medical certificates

Tolstoy, one of the initiators of the initiative and vice chairman of the Duma, said: "this is the first step

For China, this business must be stopped

In the future, we hope to put it under strict domestic control, so that Russia will not become a black market for trafficking in children

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