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Guangzhou institution suspected to be a gay surrogate has been reported, and the health department has intervened in thi

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Original title: Guangzhou agency suspected of being a gay surrogate was reported, and the health department has been involved in the matter

Beijing News (reporter liyifan wurongkui) Guangzhou "Rainbow baby" surrogate agency was accused of violating the law because it provided surrogate services to gay men

Today (the 29th), the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau responded to the matter and said that the relevant departments were following up

The staff of the agency told the Beijing news that relevant businesses had been suspended

The lawyer pointed out that from the basic scope of public order and good customs, surrogacy is still intolerable in China

Since April 27, a number of netizens have reported that an institution named "Rainbow baby" in Guangzhou has engaged in commercial surrogacy, which is suspected of breaking the law

Screenshot of "our video" of the Beijing News Guangzhou institution was accused of providing commercial surrogacy, saying that its business had been suspended

On April 27, an institution in Guangzhou was reported by netizens as "providing commercial surrogacy for gay men"

On the 29th, a reporter from the Beijing News found that the reported surrogate institution was named "Guangzhou Rainbow baby", and the full name of the institution was Guangzhou Rainbow baby medical management consulting Co

, Ltd

, located in Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District

According to the industrial and commercial data, the registered capital of the institution is 5million yuan, and the establishment time is may3,2018

The agency claims that it provides assisted reproductive services exclusively for gay men

Since the end of 2015, more than 400 gay families have had babies

The agency also mentioned in the publicity materials that the method of transparent operation "ensures that the egg sister you choose (the agency calls the" pregnant mother "the" egg sister ") avoids cheating"

Accordingly, a number of netizens questioned that the organization was suspected of violating the law

According to the "we video" report of the Beijing News, the police station under the jurisdiction said that "the health department has been involved in this matter", and the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau also responded to this matter by saying that "relevant departments are following up"

On April 29, a staff member of the agency declined an interview with the Beijing News reporter on the grounds of "inconvenience" and said that "relevant business has been suspended"

Subsequently, the reporter of the Beijing News called the legal representative of the institution, and the mobile phone was also hung up

The Beijing News reporter found that China's health department issued and implemented relevant regulations in 2001, "strictly prohibit all kinds of surrogacy", but did not mention clear punishment measures

Lawyer: there are no special laws and regulations on surrogacy

While surrogacy agencies are reported to be suspected of violating the law, the topic that same-sex couples have the need to raise children has also aroused concern

The head of a public welfare organization in Guangzhou told the Beijing news that at present, similar commercial surrogacy agencies for same-sex couples exist all over the country, and the number is still large

In addition, there is also a need for assisted reproduction among heterosexual couples

People who have been engaged in the same-sex partner surrogacy industry told the Beijing news that the surrogacy process of the agencies involved is based on the principle of mutual voluntariness

He pointed out that every surrogate mother is voluntary, and they will sign contracts

"All of them pay fees, and there are intermediaries to do this, which is the same as natural pregnancy

" The above respondents also told the Beijing news that many same-sex couples choose commercial surrogacy "because they want children but have no better choice

" He also pointed out that many same-sex couples choose surrogacy because they really want children and have a greater demand

He added that at present, many sexual minorities are forced by social, family and other practical needs, "the only solution is to find a surrogate institution and have a baby"

On the afternoon of the 29th, xiongchao, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi law firm, pointed out to the Beijing news that although China has not made special provisions on surrogacy, "it still does not fall within the scope of our market operation

From the basic scope of public order and good customs, it is still intolerable in China

" Xiong Chao mentioned that according to the information disclosed by the media at present, the institution belongs to an illegal business project

"The administrative department for Industry and commerce should deal with the illegal business activities of the institution in a timely manner

The institution may also face the legal consequences of a series of serious criminal crimes, such as illegal medical practice

" Responsible editor: Yang Jie

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