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Prohibition of surrogacy needs careful consideration

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Legal Daily, Beijing, December 23 (reporter chenliping) when reviewing the draft amendment to the population and family planning law this morning, some members proposed that the provisions prohibiting the sale of sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs, embryos and surrogacy should be carefully considered

Member Yan Yixin said that the draft stipulates that "it is forbidden to trade sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos; it is forbidden to carry out surrogacy in any form"

Why add this one? What will be the impact of the law on the society after it is implemented? Has it been evaluated? In his view, this amendment is mainly to liberalize the second child

In addition, this provision is unnecessary, and it involves many legal issues

If this provision is added, sufficient reasons shall be given

Is the trade in sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs, embryos and surrogacy prohibited or regulated? Is it stipulated in this law or in other relevant laws? All these are worth discussing

It is suggested that this article be considered carefully

Committee member zhufazhong said that the revision of the population and family planning law this time is mainly to liberalize the second child

The law should be revised around this issue, and other issues can be postponed

We must be careful about surrogacy

According to relevant data, about 10 to 15 percent of couples of childbearing age in China are infertile

People with childbirth difficulties have a need for surrogacy

The government should help people solve this problem while cracking down on black surrogacy

Member zhoutianhong said that in 2001, the Ministry of Health issued the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology, clarifying the prohibition of surrogacy

In judicial practice, surrogacy is invalid because it violates public order and good customs

However, since 2001, with the development of surrogacy technology, surrogacy has become more and more popular, especially after the society has a better understanding of the consequences of surrogacy and technological progress

Zhou Tianhong said that surrogacy is actually a respect for the reproductive rights of infertile couples, and the right to choose the reproductive mode is one of the basic contents of the reproductive rights

From the perspective of reproductive rights, infertile couples should not be illegally deprived of the right to obtain their children through surrogacy technology

Surrogacy is also conducive to easing family conflicts and ensuring people's right to pursue happiness

This is respect for the privacy of infertile couples and the physical rights of surrogate mothers

"It has been more than ten years since 2001

The technology, ethics and laws and regulations for surrogacy have changed

Surrogacy has been allowed in some countries and regions

It has gone through a process from comprehensive prohibition to gradual opening

" Zhoutianhong said that it should be said that the overall trend of surrogacy is from discrimination to understanding, from prohibition to partial opening, and then to opening

It is suggested that this provision should be reconsidered