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The annual salary of the surrogate website is 100000. Jinan recruiting stationmaster requires to "take over"

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Search the word "surrogacy" on Baidu, and there will be nearly 10000 pieces of information, a large part of which are all kinds of surrogacy intermediary websites

These surrogate intermediary websites, without exception, are under the banner of "love"

They call surrogate mothers "service personnel"

Some websites even offer an annual salary of 100000 yuan to recruit a stationmaster in Jinan to develop local surrogacy business

Who is acting as a surrogate? What are the unknown things behind surrogacy? What are the adverse consequences? In recent days, the reporter has conducted an investigation and interview

The phenomenon website publicly recruits surrogacy service personnel

On a website called "Jinan surrogacy website", the words "make every effort to complete your happy family dream" and "protect the rights and interests of both parties by law" are particularly conspicuous

At the bottom of the web page, it is noted that "this site is recruiting surrogate service personnel for a long time"

The website claims to have set up agency points in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country

The surrogate service personnel must be between 20 and 32 years old

According to their educational background and appearance, they can get a reward of 50000-120000 yuan for a successful surrogate pregnancy

In addition, it is specially emphasized that "divorced women who have had a healthy child are preferred"

A website called "good pregnancy surrogate network" also offered 100000 annual salary to recruit stationmaster in Jinan

The website requires that the applicant must be a woman over 25 years old, have a technical secondary school degree or above, and have a good image and eloquence

More importantly, it can accept the assignment of the head of the terminal and complete the on-site customer reception and publicity

Offering such a high salary, the website said it was to develop the surrogate career faster

The website declared, "not only in Jinan, but also in the whole country

" It costs 300000 yuan to find a surrogate

The reporter contacted the customer service staff of "China baby professional surrogate network" through online chat on the grounds of finding a surrogate mother

On the surrogate website, "surrogate mother" is also known as "surrogate service personnel"

If you want to be a surrogate mother, you have to meet with the client

If the client is satisfied, the client can choose whether to do artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization

The hospital for surgery is also up to the client

The "surrogate mother" does not count

When the reporter asked whether Jinan hospitals could do it, the customer service staff said that they could only go to the designated hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

According to the educational background and appearance of surrogate mothers, the website divides them into 8 levels, and they can get 50000 to 120000 "pure treatment of love compensation" respectively

The so-called "pure treatment" is the net cash compensation treatment excluding the living expenses, rent, examination fees, maternity fees and other related surrogacy expenses

Overall, the cost is about 300000 yuan

The customer service staff said that they had several surrogate mothers with bachelor's degrees, outstanding appearance and height close to 170 cm, who received 120000 yuan of compensation

The surrogate and the surrogate mother have more junior and senior high school education

On the good pregnancy surrogate website, there is a special surrogate database

The website shows that the number of registered people has exceeded 100

In the updated database, most of these surrogate mothers are post-80s, and some are graduates of regular universities

There is a "service worker" whose native place is Shandong

She was born in 1984

She has a college degree and is an employee of an institution

She is 162cm tall

She asked for 120000 yuan in compensation

The reporter inquired about the website on the grounds of applying for a surrogate mother

The customer service of the website said that at present, there are many institutional customers, but the lack of service personnel, and repeatedly said that as long as the physical examination is qualified, surrogacy can be implemented immediately

"There are relatively few college students, generally more in junior high school and senior high school

" "Which hospital should I go to if I am a surrogate? Is there any risk?" The reporter asked

"They are all regular hospitals

You can rest assured that since the customer came to us, he must have visited the hospital before deciding to do it

" The customer service staff admitted that the current domestic regulations only stipulate that hospitals are not allowed to do surrogacy, and there is no legislation for individuals, "but these hospitals are their own relationships, and it's OK

" The reporter learned that surrogate mothers should live under the supervision of websites and customers during pregnancy, childbirth and the full moon of their children

They can communicate with their families on mobile phones, but they should not tell anyone where they live, or even meet anyone without the consent of the customers

Expert surrogacy illegal surrogacy mother is more vulnerable "intermediary for the purpose of profit, or surrogacy mother to make money, is an illegal business

" Zhuzhuangyi, a lawyer from Kangqiao law firm, believes that the children born by surrogacy not only face moral issues such as ethics, blood relationship and relatives, but also face legal issues such as upbringing, guardianship and inheritance

It is understood that the administrative regulations "administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology" issued by the Ministry of health clearly pointed out that "the application of human assisted reproductive technology should be carried out in medical institutions for medical purposes and in line with domestic family planning policies, ethical principles and relevant laws and regulations

It is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form

Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology

" Zhuzhuangyi said that now regular hospitals or other institutions will not provide such intermediary services

If you use surrogacy as a pretext to defraud money by using the eager psychology of infertile families, you may be suspected of fraud

Tianmeiying, a professor of women's studies at the Shandong Branch of China Women's University, said that such things that regard women's bodies as commodities, trade and buy, and harm human dignity should be strictly prohibited

On the one hand, during the whole process of pregnancy, surrogate mothers can not get the care of their husbands and families like normal pregnant women, and even lack eugenic guidance before and during pregnancy

On the other hand, after the surrogate mother becomes pregnant, her physical quality, living habits and nutrition will affect the child's development

Moreover, childbirth is an unpredictable event

In case of an accident, it will even lead to lifelong infertility, which will cause a series of problems