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Surrogate mother was "kicked out" in case of miscarriage

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Dengyilan is from Hubei

She is 32 years old and has two children

In September last year, she saw a surrogate message on the Internet and soon became a "surrogate mother"

Unfortunately, she miscarried after pregnancy, and the surrogate Agency refused to pay the 30000 yuan compensation stipulated in the contract on the grounds that the client of the demand side did not pay

In a fit of pique, dengyilan turned to the industrial and commercial department for help, and the surrogacy incident that was originally "underground" was exposed

Temptation: seeing a "surrogate information", Deng Yilan came from the countryside of Xianning, Hubei Province

She is married and has two children of her own

In September last year, she saw a surrogate recruitment information on the Internet while she was getting divorced

A section of the information "2000 yuan per month living expenses, 100000 yuan for successful surrogacy payment" attracted dengyilan's attention

With this money, she can at least prepare a sum of school expenses for her children after divorce

Dengyilan was moved

She got through the mobile phone published in the surrogacy information and submitted her relevant information after inquiry

Soon, the other party asked dengyilan for an interview and arranged for her to participate in a series of very detailed physical examinations

The two sides signed a contract, and dengyilan became a "surrogate" employed by the agency

Soon, dengyilan received a notice from the agency that she was "attracted" by a couple from Nanjing, and the agency was going to arrange for her to accept "surrogate pregnancy"

Signing: there are 45 contract details

The organization arranged for dengyilan to go to Wuhan and meet with a couple surnamed Zhang from Nanjing

The three parties signed a more detailed surrogacy contract

The contract stipulates the surrogacy fee, payment method, surrogacy method, responsibilities of both parties and breach of contract

It states that when Deng Yilan completes the pregnancy process, when the other party takes away the child, she can get a total compensation of RMB 100000

Dengyilan carefully reviewed the 45 articles of agreement in the agreement contract

Article 44 of the agreement stipulates that: if the employer breaches the contract, the surrogate will not return the living expenses and surrogate compensation collected, and the children born by the surrogate will be owned by the surrogate institution; Article 20 of the agreement stipulates that the surrogate woman has the right to communicate with her family by mobile phone during her service, but she shall not tell anyone the detailed location of her residence, bring anyone into her residence, or meet anyone without consent; The agreement also stipulates that before the transfer of fertilized eggs, the surrogate woman shall not go out for more than 4 hours every day, and shall not leave the city where she lives

She must return to her place of residence before 21:00 and must go to bed before 23:00; During the period from the third month of pregnancy to the birth of the child, the time of going out every day shall not exceed 2 hours

Work and rest time shall be agreed by the employer, otherwise it shall be deemed as breach of contract

The agreement even linked the weight of the baby to the remuneration of the surrogate mother

It was agreed that the surrogate party would ensure that the single baby it gave birth to should not be less than 2700 grams

For every 50 grams less, the compensation of the surrogate party would be reduced by 500 yuan

For those more than 3600 grams, a reward of 500 yuan would be given for every 50 grams more Dengyilan felt a little scared, but she didn't care that she thought she was very strong

After all, this kind of life will end after a year

At the end of 2010, dengyilan arranged her family affairs and came to Wuhan

According to institutional arrangements, she received a test tube baby transplant from the cultivated couple surnamed Zhang in a hospital near the East Lake

The operation went smoothly

Dengyilan was pregnant with twins

Pregnancy: after 75 days of progesterone, Deng Yilan wanted to quit

According to the contract, after pregnancy, Deng Yilan lived in a suite in a high-end community in Wuchang

There are two other surrogate mothers living together, and the agency has also arranged a full-time woman to take care of their daily life

"Our daily life is to eat and sleep

We spend most of our time lying in bed

We don't have to think about everything

We just have to wait for the money when the child is born

" Dengyilan once enjoyed such "super treatment"

She has had childbirth experience and never had such treatment when she gave birth

During this period, dengyilan met many "peers"

In addition to the two people who lived with her, there were also some who met when they were arranging for the injection

When communicating with her surrogate mother, she heard a lot of "rules"

For example, most of the people in this line are young women aged 28 to 30

According to their educational background and looks, everyone's remuneration is different

Some people can even get 150000 yuan for a child

She also heard about the "risks" of surrogacy

For example, test tube babies are easy to miscarry, some girls have failed to perform threeorfour operations, and others have suffered from dystocia

Maybe the lives of adults and children are at risk, and the 100000 yuan is also a natural loss of happiness

Sure enough, Deng Yilan's twins were also very unstable

She was asked to stay in bed every day and insisted on getting a birth insurance needle every day

"It was progesterone

It lasted 75 days, and my ass was poked into a sieve

" Dengyilan said painfully

Abortion: two days after leaving the hospital, Deng Yilan was swept out of the house and finally insisted on may23,2011

Deng Yilan, who was six months pregnant, suddenly suffered from abortion symptoms - massive bleeding

After being sent to a hospital in Hanyang, the doctor told her that one of the twins she was pregnant with had "dropped"

Worried about the impact of drug use on the child, the other party decided to give up the second child

On May 24, Deng Yilan's second child also miscarried

Although full of regret, dengyilan was not sad

"I have no feelings for the baby in my stomach

To put it bluntly, I just want money

" However, she was seriously anaemic and only hoped that after she was discharged from the hospital, the institution would pay her 30000 yuan due after six months of pregnancy in accordance with the contract

Unexpectedly, less than two days after she was discharged from the hospital, the institution "invited" her out of her original place of residence and told her that "the couple in Nanjing have not paid yet", so they can not pay the 30000 yuan

After waiting for more than a month, she still hasn't got the "hard" money

At the beginning of July, 2011, dengyilan went to Nanjing to find the couple surnamed Zhang, but the other party claimed that the money had been paid to the surrogate agency

After returning to Wuhan, dengyilan failed to ask for compensation again, so she had to ask the industrial and commercial department for help

Guangbutun industrial and commercial law enforcement officer of Wuhan Hongshan Industrial and commercial branch clearly told dengyilan that "surrogacy" was illegal

At the same time, a surprise inspection was conducted according to the location of the surrogate institution provided by her

It was found that the door of the institution was closed and no one answered when she knocked on the door

Surrogate agencies have "disappeared"

Now dengyilan has no place to say that

I hope she can learn a lesson and stop trying to be a surrogate mother


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