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Zheng Shuang's surrogate abandonment leads to controversy! Why is surrogacy forbidden in Thailand, which was once called

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Surrogacy, abandonment, hidden marriage, and lawsuit have been searched all over the list in these days

Zheng Shuang's story can be called the first big melon in the beginning of 2021

But this "melon" made everyone feel angry and choked so much that they couldn't adapt to it

On January 18, Zhang Heng, the former boyfriend of actress Zheng Shuang, publicly stated that he did not abscond to the United States with money because of fraud, loan sharking, debt evasion, but because the child of the two surrogates stayed in the United States, and exposed the group photo and birth certificate of the two children

Later, in the telephone recording of the families of both men and women, it was also exposed that the woman wanted to abandon her after breaking up

Then, Zheng Shuang and Zheng Shuang's father also responded to this matter through microblogging

However, compared with their lovers' love hate entanglement and mutual accusations, they have paid more attention to "overseas surrogacy" and "surrogacy abandonment"

It can be said that surrogacy has always been in a very delicate position in China

Chinese laws expressly stipulate that surrogacy is illegal in China, which makes many Chinese who are not short of money look at overseas surrogacy

Compared with surrogate mothers of different ethnic groups in Europe and the United States, Chinese people prefer to go to Southeast Asia to seek children

After all, Southeast Asian ethnic groups are the same as Chinese people, and Southeast Asian surrogate mothers are much cheaper than those in Europe

Among them, there are countless surrogates in Thailand

When it comes to Thai surrogacy, it should be noted that it is illegal for foreigners to surrogate in Thailand! It does not comply with Chinese law or Thai law! When commercial surrogacy was legal in Thailand, Thailand was even called "Asian womb" at a certain time

Later, due to various surrogacy scandals, Thai officials banned domestic women from surrogacy for foreigners

However, up to now, there are still many illegal agencies and intermediaries operating surrogacy agencies in Thailand to operate this gray industry

At present, China's laws on surrogacy, such as the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology and the technical specifications for human assisted reproductive technology, expressly prohibit surrogacy

Since 2015, the Thai surrogacy law has officially come into force

Article 24 of the Thai surrogacy law stipulates that commercial surrogacy is prohibited, and any surrogacy conducted by anyone using money or for the purpose of providing benefits violates the surrogacy law

Thailand only allows non-commercial surrogacy, and can pay relevant surrogacy compensation to the surrogate woman, but it should be within the scope specified in the surrogacy law

It should be mentioned that the Thai surrogacy law prohibits foreigners from carrying out commercial surrogacy in Thailand and stipulates that anyone who carries out prohibited commercial surrogacy shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 10 years and a fine of not more than 200000 baht

The reason why Thailand punishes illegal surrogacy so severely is that there were many surrogacy scandals when Thailand's commercial surrogacy was legal (before 2015), which also caused many surrogacy babies and surrogate mothers to be hurt

More famous are the incidents of Australian couples abandoning sick surrogate children in Thailand and Japanese men causing many Thai surrogate mothers to disappear after pregnancy

Australian couple abandonment incident once, an Australian couple paid a Thai female surrogate to give birth to twins, but they only took one of the children home and abandoned the surrogate child with Down syndrome

The surrogate mother in Thailand had no choice but to ask the society for assistance

To a certain extent, this event triggered the continuous protests of the Thai people

The comments of the boy's biological father further exacerbated the public dissatisfaction

Of course, these comments now seem to be extremely ruthless

David John Farnell, the father of the surrogate child, said on Australian television that he would rather the surrogate mother stop pregnancy at that time

"I don't think any parents want a son with a disability," he said He and his wife even asked the surrogate agency in Bangkok to return the money to them

They don't need sick children

What makes people more angry is that the Australian media found out that the surrogate father had been charged with 22 counts of sexual assault on children and had been imprisoned after he was convicted

Everyone questioned whether such a person could be a father

Japanese tycoon surrogates 9 children and a Japanese tycoon Fantian (a pseudonym) built a "surrogate apartment" in LaPO District, central Thailand

When the Thai police seized the apartment, there were 9 babies born through surrogacy, 6 men and 3 women respectively

In addition, there were 7 women and a pregnant surrogate mother in the apartment

According to the investigation, the Japanese man who gave birth to nine children in Thailand through surrogacy was only 24 years old, and the Thai surrogate doctor he sought did not have a surrogate operation license

After the incident, the Japanese man's whereabouts were unknown and he did not come forward to explain the matter

Some media reported that he had returned to Japan

As for why he surrogates so many children and why he doesn't bring the children back to Japan to raise them, he didn't give a clear answer

The nine innocent babies were placed in a public nursing home in Thailand

From just two surrogate scandals in Thailand, it is not difficult to see that surrogate mothers and surrogate babies are in a very weak position

What surrogate mothers suffer is not only "borrowing the uterus"

Many Thai surrogate women have said that they need to take a large number of relevant drugs in order to carry out surrogate pregnancy

In order to ensure the quality of surrogate pregnancy, there is no freedom to live in the surrogate apartment during the whole process of pregnancy

Many surrogate mothers may not have seen the child once after they conceive and give birth in October, and the child is taken away from them, Many surrogate mothers also suffer from postpartum depression, but after all kinds of exploitation, they can only get less than 10000 "pay"

It is also common for surrogate babies to be abandoned

Many people take advantage of the legal loopholes to go overseas for surrogacy because of their sweet feelings and do not want to experience the pain of childbirth

It is definitely not an example that they choose to abandon surrogate children after their feelings break down

However, a woman's womb is not a tool for procreation, and her new life is not a commodity

Zheng Shuang's abandonment of surrogacy is definitely not a good thing she said

It can even be said that going overseas as a surrogate with the edge of the law is a matter of objectifying and exploiting women, and abandonment of surrogacy is a matter of trampling on the rights and interests of citizens and undermining human ethics, The sentence "this child really can't be beaten, TMD, I'm bored to death" is even more shocking, and I can't roast

In any case, commercial surrogacy is explicitly prohibited in many countries

China does not allow it, and Thailand also expressly stipulates that it is not allowed to surrogate foreigners

Don't say that you don't know how to surrogate, nor will you surrogate for others

Once surrogacy is legalized, it will be all women

In essence, surrogacy is the exploitation of the poor by the rich

Don't think this has nothing to do with you, because there will always be richer people in the world than you

If surrogacy is legalized, you will also be used as a fertility tool by others, and even make many people feel that it is better to go to work and school than to surrogate

Think about it, it will be chilling

Newborn life is not an object, and the abandonment of surrogacy is even more immoral

Every new life cannot choose how to come to the world, but the parents who bring them to the world should be responsible for them and their own behavior, rather than giving them up like giving up an object

Human life is not an object that can be put down after picking it up! I hope everyone is ready for a new life to bring them to the world!

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