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Although the surrogacy is legal in some countries, it just looks beautiful

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In the past two days, the news about the abandonment of actress Zheng Shuang's surrogacy has become more and more noisy, and even the official media have criticized it in person, which makes many people start to pay attention to "surrogacy"

Surrogacy is forbidden in our country

It is difficult to be accepted by people in terms of law or morality

However, in many domestic areas, surrogacy is legal

There are many cases of legality, such as commercial legality or non-commercial legality

After looking up a lot of information, we can find that the countries that are legal or meet certain medical conditions are: California, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Britain, Georgia, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Iran, South Africa, Mexico, etc- We take Canada as an example - Legal surrogacy in Canada has a very strong color of "altruism", that is, surrogate women can not obtain economic benefits from it

Compared with the United States and other countries where surrogacy is commercialized, altruistic surrogacy is more ethically acceptable to some people, and the cost is much lower

It is understood that at least hundreds of people in Canada are offering "selfless dedication" to help infertile couples who need children abroad through free surrogacy

In 2016, Ottawa woman Amy Cameron gave her newly born baby Julie to Norwegian woman hildreiva forever

Hilde was diagnosed with uterine cancer at the age of 22 and lost her fertility

In Canada, free surrogacy is legal according to the human reproduction Assistance Act

However, paid surrogacy is illegal, that is, surrogacy for the purpose of making money is illegal

However, the client may compensate the surrogate for the expenses incurred during the surrogacy process

If you violate the regulations, you can be fined $500000 or imprisoned for 10 years

In the past decade, as more and more people suffer from infertility, the demand for surrogacy in Canada has increased by more than 400%

So many Canadian provinces passed legislation to make it easier for expectant parents to obtain the legal parental status of surrogate babies

In addition, unlike other countries, Canada has also opened its policy to same-sex couples and single parents

The cost of free surrogacy is not low

In Canada, there are two types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and pregnancy surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy means that a surrogate woman carries a baby to fertilize it; And gestational surrogacy means that the surrogate woman only provides the uterus for fertilization and soft implantation

Even if it is a free surrogate, at least about $80000 should be prepared: 1

Medical expenses for frozen eggs, artificial insemination, etc

, 10000-20000 Canadian dollars; 2。 Pre pregnancy and post pregnancy expenses (travel, missed work, medical treatment, etc

) $10000-80000; 3。 Legal expenses: the surrogate mother gives up custody and transfers custody to the entrusted family, about $10000; 4。 There are also some incidental expenses, which add up to about 3

10000 -9


Surrogacy is also highly controversial in Canada

Surrogacy is highly controversial, and it is no exception in Canada: first, the definition of paid scope is vague

For a long time, the definition of compensation is very vague, and there are great disputes and disputes

On june9,2020, the new surrogate and gamete donation reimbursement regulations came into force, which defined paid more clearly

For example, the consulting expenses incurred before the donation or pregnancy contract can be compensated

In addition to taking care of their own children, the surrogate mother can also reimburse the expenses for taking care of pets

At the same time, although surrogacy in Canada does not need to pay commercial remuneration to the surrogate mother, and even the costs of seeing a doctor during pregnancy, physical examination and admission to hospital for delivery are covered by the Canadian public medical system, the whole process still needs to pay fees such as frozen embryos, lawyer fees, additional production costs (such as caesarean section)

Second, some people believe that it is taxpayers who really pay for surrogacy

Since Canada's publicly funded medical system bears the medical expenses of pregnancy and childbirth, it is equivalent to that the Canadian taxpayer's money is used to subsidize foreign couples- There have also been cases of parents abandoning their children - due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations, there have also been cases of parents abandoning surrogate children in the legal sense in Canada

However, globalnews previously quoted lawyer Sarah Cohen as saying that this phenomenon is not common

It is reported that if the surrogate is abandoned, it will be included in the adoption list

According to the data of the Law School of the University of Toronto, the global fertility market is worth about 20billion US dollars every year, and is growing at a nearly double-digit rate every year

Some scholars believe that such "free" surrogacy in Canada is actually the exploitation of women

Vidapanitch, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, said at a debate on free surrogacy in 2018: "we told them that they could not get money because the work was too valuable and there was no price, while others put profits into their pockets


Fran ? oise Bellis, a research professor at Dalhousie University School of medicine, believes that it is correct that the law prohibits paid surrogacy because it reflects Canadian values and principles

She said: "surrogacy is a huge responsibility and a wonderful gift

It is one of the many beautiful things in the world

We should not put a price on it

" Well, this can be said to be very Canadian

Later, all children born through the surrogate of Canadian women, regardless of their parents' nationality or whether they grew up in Canada, can automatically obtain Canadian citizenship

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