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An Jian, the head of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Central Committee, criticized the "surrogate".

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Original title: An Jian, chairman of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Central Committee, criticized "surrogacy"

The sacked vice ministry once sought surrogacy to have children

Some people used it to make money and sex transactions

Source: today's topic in the news is "surrogacy"

Zheng Zhijun noted that on January 19, @ CCTV Weibo released two comments in succession, namely, "CCTV's evaluation of surrogacy and abandonment is difficult to tolerate" and "surrogacy in any form is prohibited in China, so it is known to all!" CCTV mentioned that a former surrogate mother was "returned" and later a star suspected of being a surrogate wanted to abandon her child

The exposure of the recording that "I can't beat it, I'm bored to death" is even more outrageous

"Surrogacy is expressly prohibited in China, and its disregard for life is heinous: a surrogate who gives birth to a boy and conceives a girl will be forcibly aborted; if the fetus has defects or is discarded, it will be difficult for the law and morality to trample on the bottom line!" Zheng Shuang's surrogate abandonment was officially named! In addition to CCTV, an Jian, chairman of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, also issued a document titled "Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment: exploiting legal loopholes, this is by no means innocent!"

△ Chang'an sword article △ Zheng Shuang's response mentioned that Zheng Shuang's response stressed throughout that he had not violated the law and had no intention of repentance or apology

"As a Chinese citizen, because surrogacy is prohibited in China, it is by no means law-abiding to take advantage of legal loopholes and go to the United States


What is surrogacy? Surrogacy refers to the process of implanting an in vitro fertilized egg into a surrogate mother's uterus after it forms an embryo, and the surrogate mother completes pregnancy and childbirth on behalf of others

It is a kind of artificial assisted reproduction technology

Surrogacy is definitely forbidden in China

According to the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology, it is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form

Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogate technology

Those who implement surrogacy technology shall be given a warning, fined less than 30000 yuan, and given administrative sanctions to the relevant responsible person; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law

In 2015, 12 departments including the national health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued a notice to launch a nationwide special action against surrogacy from April to the end of December 2015

"Surrogacy involves legal, ethical and social issues

It is a complex issue

" In february2017, the spokesman of the former national health and Family Planning Commission stressed that the vast majority of countries and regions in the world prohibit any form of surrogacy, and impose economic penalties and penalties on institutions and personnel involved in surrogacy

The spokesman said that in recent years, China has investigated and dealt with some illegal activities suspected of engaging in surrogacy

Next, China will continue to severely crack down on illegal acts of surrogacy

The deputy ministry level has also had surrogacy to give birth

Around the Spring Festival in 2017, "surrogacy" has attracted wide attention from the outside world

According to the report of Sanlian Life Weekly, at that time, the discussion originated from a report titled "it's really annoying not to have two children" published by the media

Some experts in the article said that "surrogate access should be appropriately liberalized" and "ethics should not become a burden on surrogate technology, but a tool to promote the orderly development of technology"

Zheng Zhijun noted that in the second year of the special action against surrogacy in China (January 2016), a surrogate baby boy was born in Yanjiao metallurgical hospital in Hebei Province

His father was wangbaoan, former director of the National Bureau of statistics

Wangbaoan, male, Han nationality, was born in December, 1963 in Lushan, Henan Province

He started working in August, 1984 and joined the Communist Party of China in March, 1984

He graduated from Central South University of Finance and economics as a postgraduate and has a doctor of economics

According to public data, Wang Baoan has worked in the Ministry of Finance for many years and served as assistant minister and vice minister

He was appointed director of the National Bureau of statistics in april2015 and was investigated on january26,2016

The verdict showed that Wang Baoan wanted a boy and repeatedly mentioned surrogacy information

From may2012 to january2016, the merchant contacted the artificial surrogate agency as required and paid 346 yuan

450000 yuan, enabling Wang Baoan to have two sons in succession, born in September 2015 and January 2016 respectively

But not long after the second son was born, Wang Baoan was checked

The Commission for Discipline Inspection reported that Wang Baoan "frequently went in and out of high-end hotels and high consumption entertainment places" and "lost his morality and engaged in power and money trading" and so on

In may2017, Wang Baoan was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the amount of money he collected was as high as 1


3 billion

It is not just "tigers" that officials use "surrogacy" to amass wealth and trade "surrogacy" for money

In july2017, Zhu Wei, then a member of the Standing Committee of Miluo municipal Party committee and vice mayor, entrusted Ma, a private business owner, to help him contact a surrogacy agency for illegal surrogacy

The surrogacy fee was 900000 yuan, which was paid in four installments

After signing the agreement and in January 2018, Zhu Wei made two payments to the surrogate agency, totaling RMB 400000

In march2018, Zhu Wei proposed to ask Ma to pay 200000 yuan for the third stage of surrogacy

In order to thank Zhu Wei for his care in undertaking business, Ma said that he would not give Zhu Wei the money and gave it to Zhu Wei

Zhu Wei agreed

In April of the same year, Ma paid a surrogate fee of 200000 yuan for the third stage to Zhu Wei through bank transfer to Hu, a surrogate agency

On September 18, 2018, Zhu Wei was investigated during his tenure

According to the China judicial documents website, in May, 2019, Zhu Wei was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months for corruption and bribery

Zhengzhijun noticed that some officials used "surrogacy" to conduct money and sex transactions

In October, 2018, lifurong, former member of the Party leadership group and deputy director of Baotou Forestry Bureau, was opened to both parties

The Commission for Discipline Inspection informed that in the name of "surrogacy", he made money and sex transactions with a number of women; Having illegitimate sexual relations with multiple women and maintaining illegitimate sexual relations with one of them for a long time; Three illegitimate children were born in violation of domestic laws and regulations

The Commission for Discipline Inspection reported that lifurong, a highly intelligent person with a doctor's degree, had been educated by the party for many years, but believed in feudal dregs and acted recklessly

Under the name of "surrogacy", he secretly changed sex with money, betrayed his family and violated social morality

In june2020, lifurong was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for corruption and bribery

The court held that lifurong, taking advantage of his position, accepted the entrustment of others, sought illegitimate interests for others, and received or demanded more than 2

03 million yuan of money from others, of which 1

68 million yuan was an attempt to commit a crime

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