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It's all surrogacy

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Guanxinxin was originally an ordinary working girl

In order to repay her gambling debts, she was willing to borrow her belly to have children for the rich

When the child was about to mature, a sudden accident happened, which forced her to flee the rich family

At this time, her boyfriend was already a father! At this time, where should she go

Shang Lingmei is a well-known actress

In order to rely on her, she married into a rich family when she was more successful

In order to realize her dream, regardless of the opposition of her family, she decided to go to other places to shoot

When she came home from work, she found that a third party had taken advantage of the opportunity

She finally realized that she could only choose one from her family and career, so she always longed for success and did not want to be bound

Wang Yuecai finally entered the rich family with great efforts

After unremitting efforts, she was recognized by her family

Just when she was complacent, the appearance of her rival made her sleep and food difficult

There is an old saying called 'three women in a play'

When these three women appear in the life of a man at the same time, what kind of story will happen?