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Huachenyu: Yes, we have a child

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On January 22, star Hua Chenyu suddenly posted a document on the Internet

Yes, we have a child

We frankly admitted that we were unmarried to have a daughter with Zhang Bichen, and the photos of the two were exposed

Oh, my God, the day after beautiful Biden took office in 2021, I was still thinking of Trump's cute little girl, but there was a scandal about Zheng Shuang's surrogacy and abandonment in China

Today, it was revealed that star Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen had a daughter

It's really like a melon has never been equal, and a melon has risen again, One melon is bigger than another

The pace of eating melons can't keep up with the speed of breaking the news! Huachenyu: Thank you for your gift! He also said that the arrival of the child healed him a lot and would bring a healthy and happy growth environment to the child

The process was as follows: in 2018, zhangbichen fell in love with Huahua

After leaving huachenyu, Zhang chose to complete the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth alone

As the child grew up, he felt that he could not deprive the child of the right to have a father

When the child was one year old, he told Huahua about the child's existence

Huahua was shocked, After the paternity test, the child has been registered as a registered permanent residence, named Hua Yingchen, who looks like a father

The two sides raise the child together without marriage and participate in the child's growth process together

Huachenyu studio denies rumors of cheating, forcing others to have an abortion, abandonment and so on

The two studios urgently launched the media plan

He is a top singer at the height of the sun

He is the second generation of the rich

Her family runs the silver mine business

She is a powerful actress of great popularity, When her feelings were strong, she chose to leave

A year later, she returned with her baby

The entertainment industry has just been bombed by Zheng Shuang, and Hua Chenyu has admitted that he and Zhang Bichen are unmarried to have a daughter! However, the time node of the official announcement was well chosen after the Zheng Shuang incident

I have to say that many mysteries are in it| If Zheng Shuang's incident had not happened before, these two people would have been scolded miserably

The couple's statement articles are using children as a shield to protect children

The implication is that if you dig deeper, you are hurting children

You are bad people! Surrogacy has become a hot topic, and abandonment has been spurned by tens of thousands of people

Relatively speaking, compared with the bitter gourd abandoned by sister Shuang, huachenyu's high EQ dare to admit and raise children is the responsibility of being a father

Both of them have a common and more loving person, and should be blessed

Hua Chenyu once wrote a song "for future children" and expressed his hope that the baby could grow up healthily at the concert

Today, it seems that CP feels that the two talented and beautiful people really have a baby

Will they ever get back together? Is there any turning point? Netizens really broke their hearts


Wang Feng, who was lying down and shot, felt heartache silently

At this time, it was estimated that he would cry and faint in the toilet

Every time he made a new song, there must be a big melon in the entertainment industry

Every time, he couldn't make headlines

One song exploded three lives in full bloom

Is it still allowed to make people sing? Wang Feng quit the entertainment group swearing

Haha, whose melon will it be next time? The following is the full text of zhangbichen: in the autumn of 2018, when I knew that I was pregnant, I was stunned

Although Huahua and I were together, and we also looked forward to living in the future, we never had children and marriage in the plan, at least for a few years, so I was completely flustered and didn't know what to do

Maybe for me, to have a child of myself and the people I love before the age of 30 is a bigger dream besides singing and being a singer

But when I made the decision to give birth to this child, I was so confused that I didn't know how to tell Huahua and didn't think about how he would respond to me

I chose to leave without telling him or letting him know

I went to finish all this by myself

I left him

I didn't say any reason when I left

I just said don't contact him in the future

For a long time, I didn't answer his mobile phone or return his wechat, so that he couldn't find me

Slowly, we broke off contact

I know I was stupid, but I was so flustered and scared

At that time, this matter was far beyond all my knowledge in the world

So without Huahua's knowledge, I completed the pregnancy and production alone and successfully upgraded to a mother

As the child grows up day by day, I become more and more true to the role of mother

I think I really made a very irrational decision

I deprived the child of the right to have a father, and also deprived Hua Hua of the right to make choices for his children as a father

Therefore, I should tell him that he has a daughter and let him know

Then I found him

He was also confused at that time

However, the warmth and joy in his eyes could not deceive people at the moment when he saw the child

He told me that he was sorry that he could not spend the pregnancy with me

He said that he should give the child a complete household registration, so we left the household

At that time, he told me that he would also love her well, make her happy and have a healthy and happy growth environment

Therefore, although we have been separated for so long, and our lives have changed a lot during the period of separation, we try our best to run in again, and more importantly, let the children feel love and the warmth of the family

The child is healthy and smart

Every day, countless love surrounds her

Her grandparents, grandparents, parents love her very much

She really grows up very well

I'm sorry that this matter has been concealed for so long

All the concealment is more to protect the child, to let her grow up in a calm and happy environment, and to give her a life full of love

Sorry to the fans and all those who care about us, and thank you for reading my words

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