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The fall of Ukraine is not just a womb! Ukraine: from the heart of the Soviet Union to the womb of Europe

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I rarely use the word "fall" to describe a country, but there is no more appropriate word to sum up Ukraine today than "fall"

This decline is the degradation of domestic industries - Ukraine, once a wealthy member of the Soviet Union, was also a real nuclear country

However, a series of shameful operations in Ukraine are surprising: self abolishing martial arts, dismantling military industry, oligopoly and corruption

When it became independent from the Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited one third of the industrial productivity of the former Soviet Union

However, by 2018, Ukraine's per capita GDP was $3095, making it a poorer country in Europe

This decline is a loss of domestic spirit - the Ukrainians smashed the Lenin monument with hammers and sledgehammers under the banner of democracy, and demolished the sculptures commemorating the martyrs of World War II

The hometown of Paul Korchagin, however, aimed the hammer at Paul

No wonder Russians denounce democracy as a madman, driving the country crazy

Even at the military parade commemorating the victory of World War II, young people in Ukraine used Nazi military salutes to provoke World War II veterans! This decline is also a loss of domestic dignity - a country has become a "European womb"

When people talk about Ukrainian women, they always unconsciously put a smile on their lips

In people's subconscious, Ukrainian women have been hooked up with some secret industry

With Ukrainian women going into the epithelial meat business, Ukraine has completely lost its domestic dignity

Sex industry is the wind vane of a country's morality

The more prosperous this hidden industry is, the lower the domestic moral bottom line will be

According to a Reuters survey, there are about 52000 -83000 special industry practitioners in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government, however, gave the green light

In 2006, Ukraine amended its laws to legalize the sex industry

Why is this? In fact, Ukrainian officials accustomed to corruption and bribery have long regarded the sex industry as the pillar industry of foreign exchange in China

They even "exported" Ukrainian beauties - according to a statistics made by the international organization for migration in 2015, the proportion of Ukrainians working irregularly abroad reached 41%, of which hundreds of thousands were engaged in illegal sex trade

But Ukrainian objectification of women does not stop there

Surrogacy is the only way to truly uncover the darker secrets of Ukraine, which is obsessed with profit

We know about surrogacy because of Zheng Shuang's surrogacy

Surrogacy is the materialization of women and the trafficking of human nature and dignity

It is expressly prohibited in most civilized countries

But in Ukraine, surrogacy is completely legal, as is the sex trade

The complete medical system inherited by Ukraine from the Soviet Union did not serve the health of its own people, but was converted into the necessary hardware facilities for surrogacy

The welfare of the working people has eventually become a tool for businessmen to make profits

The black heart businessmen offered a lower price in the world: about 300000 yuan

You know, in the United States, where Zheng Shuang is a surrogate, the cost of a surrogate is between 150000 and 250000 dollars

Ukraine, which is "good in quality and cheap in price", has become the first choice of surrogate "consumers" in the world

It is ironic that the powerful country, which once had nuclear weapons, now makes money by selling women's wombs! But what is more ironic is that such a job without dignity is sought after by Ukrainian women

According to the Kiev post, in recent years, the number of surrogacy in Ukraine may be as high as 2000 ~ 2500 times a year, and about 3000 surrogate children are born in Ukraine every year

How much do these women who are flocking to get pregnant in October make? In fact, after removing the layers of exploitation and various necessary expenses of middlemen, the real income is only about 100000 yuan

Pregnant in October, only 100000 yuan

Perhaps, from our perspective, accepting surrogacy is a kind of depravity, but thousands of Ukrainian women give the reason why they have to accept surrogacy: "in Ukraine, women want to live, either prostitution or surrogacy

" To some extent, this is a self excuse for women, but it does reveal the plight of Ukraine - after women were materialized, there was an irresistible tide of misogyny in society

Ukrainian women are rejected by Ukrainian society

Even if they are not engaged in the flesh business and work in enterprises, Ukrainian women can not escape the office sexual assault

Moreover, the perpetrators have no psychological burden

In their view, these women who have no ethical bottom line deserve it

The tide of misogyny also spread to the field of life - in 2014, the divorce rate in Ukraine reached 42%, ranking among the top ten in the world

Ukrainian men have been unable to build trust in their wives

They regard their wives as potential husbands who may engage in the sex industry or the surrogate industry, or oppressively restrict their freedom, or arbitrarily discard their fertility tools

It was during this period that the market demand for surrogacy in Ukraine surged 10 times from 2016 to 2017

This has undoubtedly established a vicious circle: the decline of Ukrainian women has exacerbated the social tide of misogyny, and pushed more Ukrainian women into surrogacy and other industries, further exacerbating the decline of women

However, in a country, how can only women sink? It is precisely the degradation of this country that leads to the degradation of women

Ukrainian women are the direct victims of this domestic degradation, and everyone in this country cannot be spared

Except for the blood sucking oligarchs