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The detailed process of pregnancy assistance in Ukraine, which you need to know

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Poor uterine conditions, repeated test tube failures, old age with second child or pregnancy risk, etc

these people are suitable for pregnancy assistance in Ukraine

Here, Youbi has prepared a pregnancy assistance process in Ukraine to share with you: 1

The hospital can first make the report of AMH anti Mullerian hormone and sex hormone and uterus

If the hospital approves the three reports, then do other examinations such as physical examination

First submit the examination report and infertility certificate, and the scanned copy of passport and marriage certificate

2。 The notarization of marriage certificate and the notarization of authentication can be done at the local notary office where the marriage certificate is obtained

After the report is passed, the notarization can be done in a month and a half

3。 Materials required for a tourist visa in advance: 2-inch white background photo (within half a year), ID card, passport, almost 20 days

4。 After the Doctor confirms the date of going to Ukraine and the visa is confirmed, round-trip tickets can be booked

After the ticket is booked, the scanned copy of the customer's marriage certificate, notarized marriage certificate and passport will be handed over to the hospital for appointment

5。 The clients who adjust their menstrual cycle should wait for the hospital to inform them how to adjust their menstrual cycle

The specific scheme will be notified by the hospital

The clients need to arrive in Ukraine before menstruation

6。 Promote ovulation *8* take semen and menstruation to see the doctor on the second day, then have a physical examination, and then start the injection on the third day

During the injection period, see the doctor again

Within 36h after the nurse's night injection, *8* take semen, ICSI culture embryos for 5 days, and carry out blastocyst transfer for 12-14 days * * to check the pregnancy

The first B-ultrasound (7 weeks) reports that there is fetal heart and embryo bud, It can be determined whether a single fetus or a twin fetus

Thereafter, there will be a prenatal screening report every 12-16 weeks with B-ultrasound every month

2* customers only need to cooperate with the service personnel to obtain semen periodically, and then cooperate with * * periodic transplantation

The process is the same as above

7。 When the child is born 2-3 months before the child is born, the hospital should issue a business invitation

Generally, the customer should arrive in Ukraine one week before the child is born

After sending the child home, it takes almost 20 days to apply for a visa, and then apply for a business visa

8。 Handling of birth certificate and birth certificate: the original notarized marriage certificate and the original passport of parents can be obtained by the local civil affairs department

It takes about 1-2 weeks after the lawyer submits it

Birth certificate: the original of the parents' passport, the Ukrainian visa on the passport, the child's photo (2-inch white background) and the child's travel permit application form are submitted to the Chinese Embassy together, about 3-5 days

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