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Huosiyan's second child suspected of surrogacy? She once spent millions to go to the United States for surrogacy, but he

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After the case of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng's surrogacy was exposed, many stars suspected of surrogacy in the industry were pushed to the forefront, and the origin of huosiyan and Dujiang's second child daughter was also hotly discussed

It is said that huosiyan and Dujiang had a second child daughter

We didn't know this until huosiyan's son, uh huh, let slip in a variety show

Later, when the media followed Huo Siyan, they did see that Huo Siyan went out with a little girl who looked like hum

When huosiyan was born, she experienced obesity and massive bleeding

Therefore, it is said that her daughter was born by surrogate pregnancy

If huosiyan is not a surrogate, why dare not disclose her daughter's identity? Or afraid the public will know

Huosiyan got pregnant with Du Jiang when she was in her infancy

During her pregnancy, she gained a full 80 kg and was seriously out of shape

What's more, huosiyan suffered massive postpartum hemorrhage when she gave birth to her son

When Du Jiang was holding the child and could only helplessly watch her sign when she was dying of heart failure, it was really a "dog blood drama" in real life

It was a blood transfusion and a machine

It was not easy to snatch her life back from death

Netizens found that huosiyan went abroad to have a second child

When she was pregnant with her son, she was seriously swollen and went through hell

However, her daughter didn't see any body changes

Some informants alleged that huosiyan and his wife spent millions on surrogacy in 16 years

Xujinglei had told us clearly in the interview that surrogacy is a common thing around her, and many people do it

Who are the people around her? They are people in the film and television entertainment industry, but why didn't they see the competent departments in charge of film and television entertainment deal with these people? It can be seen that surrogacy can be done in China, but it can never be said, let alone made

Some netizens said that Zheng Shuang is not the only surrogate in the entertainment industry

Huosiyan's second child daughter, the dragon and Phoenix fetus of Hangyue, are all surrogacy

Chen Kun's son doesn't know, does he? Chen Kun's son's mother has been a mystery for so many years

Now Zheng Shuang has been punished

What about xujinglei? She said openly that she would be a surrogate

Is she doing it now? Does her remark need to be dealt with? Does her remark need to be dealt with? Previously, huosiyan publicly denied having a daughter; However, the comment area was blocked, and huosiyan and Dujiang did not respond

Therefore, the truth of the matter is uncertain

Of course, some netizens suspected that Zheng Shuang's team deliberately kicked the ball to huosiyan to divert attention

At present, huosiyan and his wife have not made any explanation about the origin of the second child daughter

What do you think of huosiyan's daughter?