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From a European granary to a European womb, what happened to Ukraine in the past 30 years after the collapse of the Sovi

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Original title: from the granary of Europe to the womb of Europe, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, what has happened in Ukraine in the past 30 years? When talking about Ukraine, everyone will think of the shocking Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the world-renowned football star Shevchenko, and the Ukrainian beauty in pink and jade for the first time

Among all Eastern European countries, Ukraine has had an extremely glorious moment in history

Relying on its strong military strength and superior natural resources, Ukraine was considered a European power at the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union

However, due to historical, political and cultural reasons, the industry and agriculture of Ukraine have long been brilliant, the economy has been declining for a long time, and the national life is in short supply

Ukrainian women have engaged in special industries one after another

Ukraine is now a paradise for all European men

From the once beautiful and rich "European granary" to the now criticized "European womb", what this country has experienced is both regrettable and thought-provoking

Ukraine is located in the connecting zone between Western European countries and Russia

Due to the particularity of its geographical location, Ukraine has always been a place of war in history

Western Ukraine was occupied by Poland during World War I, and the whole country was occupied by Germany during World War II

After World War II, it was incorporated into the territory of the Soviet Union and became a member of the union of Soviet Socialist Republics

In 1991, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine officially became an independent country

Speaking of the big family of the Soviet Union, Ukraine is still taken care of by the Moscow government

The continuous domestic capital and personnel investment has led to the rapid development of Ukrainian industry

Kharkov machinery manufacturing plant is a famous heavy industrial base of the Soviet Union

Nearly one third of the tanks in the whole Soviet Union are produced here

Later, it extended a series of industries such as diesel locomotives, mining machinery, generator sets and so on

It is a star enterprise in Ukraine

Metinvest, the ninth largest ore production plant in the world, can provide the Soviet Union with more than a billion dollars in profits and taxes every year, and provide countless jobs for Ukrainians

It is the real "pearl on the mine" in the Soviet era

Zaporoze automobile manufacturing plant was the first largest automobile manufacturing enterprise in Ukraine and the second largest automobile manufacturing enterprise in the Soviet Union at that time

In the glorious period of the 1970s, it could produce 1

2 million cars a year with higher production capacity

It was an automobile manufacturing plant comparable to Volkswagen in Germany in Europe

In addition, Ukraine has abundant natural resources reserves, including 200billion tons of high-quality coal mines, 27

5 billion tons of iron ore, and 2

1 billion tons of rare manganese ore

looking at the whole Europe, no one can give it the right advantage

In parallel with its industrial achievements, Ukraine's agricultural production has always surpassed the entire Soviet Union in grain and crop production because of the larger black soil plain in the world

The total cultivated area of Ukraine only accounts for 7% of the Soviet Union, but the annual output of grain and agricultural products in Ukraine accounts for 23% of the whole Soviet Union

It should be noted that the Soviet Union had 2

With a population of 800million, the world's third most populous country, Ukraine was a well deserved "European granary" in that era when it used so little land to feed so many people

When the Soviet Union just disintegrated, Ukraine inherited more than 1700 nuclear warheads from Russia, making it the third largest military power in the world except the United States and Russia

Why has such a solid family background been completely ruined in the 30 years of independent development? At present, Ukraine's annual per capita GDP is US $2000, which is similar to that of Vietnam

In such an embarrassing situation, successive Ukrainian governments bear unshirkable responsibility

Russia has a strong leader, Vladimir Putin, which is the luck of the Russian people

If it were not for Vladimir Putin, Russia would probably be like Ukraine

The domestic political situation would be turbulent, the economy and trade would be monopolized by the oligarchy, and the ethnic contradictions would be seriously intensified

Ukraine did not have the good luck of Russia

From Kravchuk at the time of independence, to Kuchma and Yushchenko, to Yanukovych and Poroshenko, the president changed again and again like a riding lantern

The "Orange Revolution" that broke out in 2004 showed the chaos and turbulence of Ukraine's political situation incisively and vividly in front of people all over the world

Most of those who took up higher leadership positions in Ukraine were oligarchs who "got rich first" through various means after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Some of them were in power for their own interests, and some listened to the slander of the western countries led by the United States

They first destroyed 1700 nuclear warheads, and then sold domestic assets through the reform of state-owned assets

A large number of industrial and mining enterprises closed down one after another, Tens of thousands of industrial workers are waiting at home

If the government does not have a strong leader who is confident and firm, who can weigh the interests of all parties and enable China to embark on the road of prosperity and strength, ethnic conflicts will naturally intensify in an all-round way

In history, there has never been a lack of confrontation and contradictions within Ukraine

The western Ukraine region is pro European and the eastern Ukraine region is pro Russian

Today, you come to power and tomorrow I will be a banker

Ukraine will learn from the so-called democratic politics in the West and join Russia, the big brother of the Soviet Union

Without a clear regime, how can society develop and how can the economy take off? Therefore, under the pull of Europe and Russia, Crimea completely fled from the territory of Ukraine in 2014 and officially became a member of the Russian Federation

Lugansk and Donetsk also clamored for independence all day long

Domestic ethnic contradictions have seriously affected domestic unity and unity, and economic and social development can only stagnate

In such a domestic situation, the Ukrainian people's life is getting worse day by day

The rich country that once dominated Europe has become a veritable European poor country after a toss

In desperation, Ukrainian men went to Western Europe in their youth, singing the song of migrant workers every day in Poland and Germany, leaving a large number of beautiful Ukrainian women alone

The first person who dared to eat crabs finally appeared

Seeing that life could not go on, some open and bold Ukrainian women took advantage of their own advantages to start special businesses

Looking at the sisters who can make money every day from bed, other Ukrainian women have joined the porn industry, and even openly displayed slogans such as "sexworkiswork" to march on the street

Originally, Ukrainian law strictly prohibited such indecent trading, but the domestic economy did not develop, the government did not have tax revenue, and there was a deficit for years

Ukrainian women were very popular in Europe, which not only stabilized employment but also brought a large amount of foreign exchange

Finally, the Ukrainian government chose to acquiesce, and the special business became more brazen

There is also the surrogacy business that has developed simultaneously with the porn industry

In Europe, there are many rich people who want to find a surrogate

Their first reaction is to go to Ukraine, which has gradually become a genuine "European womb"

This is Ukraine, from the European granary to the European womb

In just a few decades, the world has changed

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