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Hong Kong media said that online surrogacy was popular in the mainland: the price for accepting sexual intercourse and c

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On January 11, Reference News reported that the Hong Kong media said that the number of infertile women in the mainland has increased sharply, which has accelerated the development of the online surrogate industry

Many active surrogate groups, whose members are young women of childbearing age and can accept sexual impregnation, although the transaction price is as high as 300000 yuan (RMB · the same below), due to the lack of legal protection, men in these groups often cheat money by hunting beautiful women

Hong Kong's Ming Pao website quoted the Southern Metropolis Daily on January 11 as saying that xiajuan (not her real name), 26, is a professional surrogate living in a middle and low-grade community near the highway in Lecong Town, Shunde, Foshan

In 2015, Xia Juan found a middle-aged customer in Nanjing

Soon, she informed the other party of her self-measured ovulation period

According to the agreement, the customer paid for her round-trip ticket to Nanjing, and the two performed the agreement through sexual intercourse and insemination in a hotel

Xiajuan received a deposit of 5000 yuan and a salary of 5000 yuan, but eventually she failed to conceive

Xia Juan's best friend, Zhong Li, recently handed over her newborn life to two Hong Kong men in exchange for 350000 yuan in cash

Unlike Xia Juan, Hong Kong men choose artificial pregnancy, and the surrogate has no physical contact with the client

It is said that the clients of the surrogate are mostly middle-aged childless couples, single unmarried people or homosexuals

And surrogacy “ Cooperation ” First, the artificial method, that is, the sperm of the man is injected into the woman's uterus; The second is the natural way, that is, during the ovulation period of the surrogate, both parties conceive through sexual behavior; The third is the test tube method, in which the customer provides the fertilized eggs and implants them into the surrogate, but this needs to be completed by the hospital; Four is “ Blind donation ” Way, selling eggs without smelling anything else

Tingting, a 28 year old surrogate and intermediary from Sichuan, said, “ The client can ask the surrogate's height, weight, age, appearance and education level, and select the right object

If the height and appearance conditions are good, the client can charge a high price ”

Confirmation of physical examination “ Cooperation ” After that, the customer needs to pay a deposit of 10000 to 20000 yuan

Once the pregnancy is completed, the client must fix the surrogate “ Salary ”, Until the end of childbirth& ldquo; The first three methods usually cost 300000 yuan to hand over the child to you& rdquo; Due to the lack of legal protection, there are often cases of cheating in these groups

A customer once complained about a surrogate, saying he met a liar, “ They also take birth control pills after cooperation, and only cooperate to avoid pregnancy ”

In another QQ group announcement, the group leader also posted a warning that someone pretended to be a customer and cheated “ Surrogate mother ” Make virtual sex movies

On January 11, the website of Ming Pao in Hong Kong reported that since 2013, relevant domestic departments have made great efforts to rectify surrogacy

In march2015, 12 departments including the national health and Family Planning Commission jointly formulated a plan to launch a nationwide special action against surrogacy from April to the end of December

On december27,2015, the National People's Congress deliberated and adopted the decision on Amending the population and family planning law, although “ Any form of surrogacy is prohibited ” Terms, but still “ It is forbidden to trade sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos;, There are also many cases of underground surrogacy, which has become a gray area difficult to supervise

The more active surrogate QQ groups in the mainland are “ National good pregnancy generation group ”, About 320 members; Another “ Harmonious d-MA group ” And 830 members

But if you want to join the group, you need to change the group business card for identification

Surrogate nickname preceded by letter “ D”, The child seeker adds the letter “ Q”, For intermediaries, “ Z”。& ldquo; National good pregnancy generation group ” Surrogate in “ D Xiaojing ” Complain that Cary has no money, “ Cooperation ” The customer asked to see the fetus before continuing to pay, because the doctor said she “ It's a miracle to have a bad inner membrane;, This makes the customer suspicious

The customer's “ Cooperation ” There are also two different requirements, namely “ Free range ” And “ Captive ”

As the name suggests, “ Free range ” That is, the client does not supervise the surrogate's daily activities and lifestyle throughout the process& ldquo; Captive ” It is necessary to carry out activities within the monitoring scope of the customer, and the diet fully complies with the customer's requirements

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Due to the lack of legal protection, there are frequent cases of beauty hunting and money fraud in these groups

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