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The female star was exposed to be a surrogate and abandoned child. CCTV's hot comment: Law and morality are hard to tole

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Original title: the female star was exposed to be abandoned as a surrogate

CCTV's hot comment: laws and morality are hard to tolerate! ▲ recently, a well-known female star fell into a whirlpool of public opinion: suspected divorce, foreign surrogacy, abandonment

Melon is so popular that it is amazing

The long criticized surrogacy problem has been pushed to the forefront again

The so-called surrogacy refers to the act that a fertile woman (i


a surrogate mother) implants a fertilized egg into the uterus with the help of modern medical technology (human assisted reproductive technology and its derivative technology) to complete pregnancy and childbirth for others (the entrusting party)

It is commonly known as "giving birth by abdomen"

In response to this, CCTV news released a video criticizing the secret visit to surrogate agencies, saying that a former surrogate mother was "returned" and a star was suspected of being a surrogate who wanted to abandon her child

The exposure of the recording that "I can't beat it, I'm bored to death" is even more outrageous

An Jian, chairman of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, sent a document on the disturbance of the actress's surrogacy and abandonment: ① as a Chinese citizen, because surrogacy is prohibited in China, he took advantage of the legal loopholes to go to the United States, which is by no means law-abiding; ② As parents, they are willing to raise their children together if their feelings are sweet, and choose to abandon their children if their relationship breaks down

This is by no means a personality; ③ As a public figure, he has wandered wildly on the edge of the law for several times, putting such a disordered global outlook, values and outlook on life in full view of the public and harming the world

This is by no means innocent! In the surrogate market, "human" has also become a tool of "human"

"900000 yuan can successfully give birth to boys", "400000 yuan can be offered by donating eggs with top 2 academic degrees" and "10000 babies can be born in ten years"

In this gray industrial chain, the employers' longing for babies, the practitioners' desire for huge profits and the cruel situation that surrogate women are used as surrogate tools are entangled, and many legal, ethical and social issues are involved

▲ what should the child do if the customer returns the bill? When fertility becomes a commodity, not only the rights and interests of the surrogate are often not guaranteed, but also the human rights of the baby will be seriously threatened

Premature and defective children will often be abandoned

A few days ago, a news that "the first girl who was refunded by a surrogate client could not go home" also appeared on the hot search

It is understood that wuchuanchuan, a 47 year old surrogate mother in Chengdu, was pregnant for wealth

Unexpectedly, she contracted syphilis and was refunded by the customer

She took pity on the fetus and refused to miscarry

She ran back to her hometown to give birth to a daughter

She sold her birth certificate because of living difficulties

Now she is seeking to go to the family for her 3-year-old daughter

▲ is the agreement valid if the surrogate baby is seriously ill? In August, 2020, Guangzhou intermediate people's court tried a surrogate dispute

Yin found Guangzhou baoruyuan health management consulting agency and wanted to be a surrogate

He signed a three-generation test tube standard surrogate agreement and transferred more than 500000 yuan

However, as soon as the surrogate baby was born, he was diagnosed as an unhealthy high-risk baby and only survived 57 days

Yin appealed to court for this

The court held that if the public interest is harmed, the contract is invalid

The conclusion of relevant civil contracts shall not violate the public order of society or the traditional social customs and morals of China

In the end, Mr

Yin and Bao Ruyuan jointly bear the responsibility

▲ paid surrogacy? People's court newspaper: don't defy the law! In 2017, the reporter of Shandong satellite TV's investigation made unannounced visits to Hubei, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places to investigate the hidden industrial chain of illegal surrogacy

In order to ensure the favorable interest rate of the surrogate mother, some surrogate agencies constantly give her hormones and drugs, and some even try once every threeorfour months

And even if you get pregnant smoothly, you still have to face the risk of abortion

For those surrogate mothers who make the promise of "giving birth to a boy", once they find out that they are pregnant with a girl, they have to abort by force

In the process of abortion or childbirth, they may also face the risk of death

In december2020, the "baby" directed by Chen Kaige brought the gray industrial chain of "paid surrogacy" to the public's view

Because the surrogacy was too warm, it caused great controversy, and even was named by the people's Court: don't defy the law! The use of surrogate technology may constitute a crime

The measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology (hereinafter referred to as "the measures") provides that: Article 3 the application of human assisted reproductive technology shall be carried out in medical institutions for the purpose of medical treatment, and shall comply with domestic family planning policies, ethical principles and relevant legal provisions

It is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form

Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogate technology

Article 22 If a medical institution that develops human assisted reproductive technology violates these measures and commits one of the following acts, the administrative department of public health of the people's Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government shall give a warning, impose a fine of not more than 30000 yuan, and impose administrative sanctions on the relevant responsible person; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law: (1) buying or selling gametes, zygotes or embryos; (2) Implementing surrogate technology; (3) Using sperm provided by institutions without approval certificate of human sperm bank; (4) Making sex selection without authorization; (5) The archives for the implementation of human assisted reproductive technology are not sound; (6) Failing to pass the technical quality inspection by the designated technical evaluation institution; (7) Other acts in violation of the provisions of these measures

Article 1009 of the Civil Code stipulates that those engaged in medical and scientific research activities related to human genes, human embryos, etc

shall abide by laws, administrative regulations and relevant domestic regulations, and shall not endanger human health, violate ethics, or harm public interests

Pregnancy in October is not a cold transaction

Money can't buy everything

Both big stars and ordinary people should fear life

Source: CCTV news, observer

com, an Jian, chief editor of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Kong Shanshan, reviewed by Hu Yingkun, responsible editor: