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How many people have been harmed by this ten billion dollar industrial chain that trades womb for money?

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The surrogate pregnancy of girls who exchange their womb for money is not a win-win situation, but a human trafficking business

You must have seen such small advertisements when you walked into the public toilets around some universities or the telegraph poles near the low rent houses in cities: on the Internet, such advertisements pop up from time to time when you open the browser

In China, surrogacy is forbidden

"In China, medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement surrogate technology in any form

Those who implement surrogate technology shall be given a warning, fined not more than 30000 yuan, and given administrative sanctions by the administrative department of public health of the people's Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government

Those who constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

" At present, except in Europe and the United States, surrogacy is illegal in most countries

However, due to the huge financial interests behind it, it has been repeatedly prohibited

The global surrogacy industry has an output value of up to 10 billion US dollars

This is a surrogate hospital in India

The environment is very dark

It has become a "concentration place" for uterus rental in developed countries

A large number of poor women are forced to make a living or forced to line up and sell their wombs

One surrogate pregnancy can get an average of 1

Between $50000 and $20000

After removing the "sky high" intermediary fees, you can still get about $5000

For twins, it is $10000

This is their reward for renting out their wombs

Due to the low price and lack of supervision, many white people traveled thousands of miles to choose

The womb of the poor is just a container carrying the hidden secrets and desires of the rich

A dormitory for 10 people, with restricted personal freedom, can only lie down for 9 months

Then, she was forced to accept caesarean section for pregnancy in October

As soon as the child had a look, she was taken away by the seller

This is a "life" handover process

The man is beside the buyer who lights the money and pays for the surrogate, smiling

Only the surrogate mother wept

Because the race of surrogacy is often different, the maternal often bears a greater risk, sometimes even death

Even India is gradually aware of the harm: India declared surrogacy legal in 2008, but banned it in 2015

But the black industrial chain is a huge profit of 10billion US dollars / year, and human life? Not worth mentioning

And Ukraine, the global womb

In this poor European country, the number of pregnancies surged by 1000% in the 1930s

Eastern European girls are young, beautiful and poor, so they have become a group of people who have been exploited more miserably

A Ukrainian surrogate mother suffered massive postpartum hemorrhage because "unlicensed doctors" left part of her placenta in her body

"I almost died

" Here, once a defective baby is born, it will be abandoned

Many newborns who have not found their parents are displayed on the shelves

The women whose lives have been eroded by the buying and selling intermediaries and who risk selling their wombs are still low in the dust

What is life? Nobody cares

This is naked exploitation! 02 there are 400000 "egg girls" in Tsinghua University and 900000 Bao Sheng men

Besides "surrogate mother", there are also "egg girls"

A 14-year-old girl who worked in Guangzhou, under the guidance of netizens, entered the surrogate market in a muddle headed way and accepted the operation to promote drainage

As a result, the intermediary did not take her to the hospital, but into a rented house

Terrified, she wanted to leave, but was threatened by the intermediary: "if you want to leave, you should compensate for all the inspection costs

" ▲ figure source: the electric shock news of Guangdong TV station caused great pain, which lasted for half an hour

Before long, she developed abdominal distension and sallow complexion

The family thought she was suffering from liver disease

As a result, an examination found that it was ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

At the age of 14, this pain will accompany her all her life

▲ figure source: the news of electric shock on Guangdong TV station has blocked the domestic black hole of some overseas surrogates, which is becoming larger and larger

An intermediary of a "surrogate" agency said that the domestic "egg girls" are distributed all over the country

After the customers choose them, they will fly to Shanghai for testing and promoting platoon

The "surrogate" is mostly in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, which is convenient for management

According to a reporter's unannounced interview, a surrogate institution provided 580000 and 880000 packages

In the "black market", the intermediary only gives 10000-50000 "egg girls" and 140000-200000 "surrogate mothers"

It goes without saying that there is exploitation

The "egg girl" is also divided into three, six and nine grades: if the customer doesn't ask for it, it is called "blind donation", and the price is 20000-30000

Medium requirements: height: 1

65 meters, good looks, college degree, 50000-60000

Those with higher requirements will be discussed in detail

During the unannounced interview, an intermediary said: "we did a Tsinghua (female student donated eggs) a few months ago and got more than 400000 yuan

A graduate student at Xiamen University reported 150000 yuan last month

" After selection, customers can meet at the time of "egg girl" promotion, or video check

▲ during the interview of "egg girl", an organization called "Ted international" said that more than 10000 babies had been born in the ten years since its establishment, and thousands of babies were "produced" every year on average

The store of "Ted international" in Shenzhen, where the overseas surrogacy is mainly Ukraine

The lower price of the surrogate package is 430000 yuan, and the single package is 530000 yuan

The domestic surrogacy price of Ukrainian professional team advertised by wechat official account is more expensive: 640000 lower packages without egg donation, and 100000 more eggs

The lower package requires the customer to bear the risk

If the surrogate mother miscarries during the process of surrogacy, the customer shall compensate 100000 to 300000 yuan according to the pregnancy cycle

Package of 900000 yuan for Bao Shunli and Bao boys

"Smooth package" accounts for about 80%

Money is not a problem

If you have money, you can buy life

At present, there are hundreds of such institutions in China, all of which are "underground transactions", with good and evil people mixed up

According to insiders, at least 200000 yuan will be gained for each order

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