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Survey: why women almost support "single frozen eggs"

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Original title: Investigation: why do women almost support "single frozen eggs" on one side? The possibility of opening frozen eggs for single women in China is still relatively small, but the demand exists objectively

The number of women who go overseas to freeze eggs has increased rapidly in recent years

Wen Huangqi: two days ago (December 23), the first case of single women striving for frozen eggs in China was heard in the Chaoyang District People's Court of Beijing

The first on the left is Xu zaozao, the plaintiff Xu zaozaozao is a single woman

On November 14, 2018, she went to the reproductive Department of Beijing Maternity Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University to inquire about frozen eggs, and confirmed through relevant examinations that she was in normal health and eggs were healthy

However, she put forward the demand for frozen eggs, and the doctor refused her on the ground that the hospital did not provide frozen eggs for single women

Xuzaozao sued Beijing Maternity Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

The plaintiff held that the defendant's refusal was discrimination against the plaintiff's female identity, violated the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of women's rights and interests on equality between men and women and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, and infringed upon the plaintiff's general personality rights

Xuzaozao requested the court to order the defendant to stop infringing upon the plaintiff's general personality rights, provide the plaintiff with frozen eggs, and order the defendant to bear the litigation costs of the case

During the trial, both parties stated their respective defense opinions, and the court presided over the cross examination of evidence

The trial lasted about an hour and the court announced an adjournment

At present, the case is still under further trial

Many women understand and agree that the first case of frozen eggs of single women has triggered a heated debate

Many netizens support Xu zaozao's idea that I am single but want to have children

Is it wrong? The purpose of Xu Zao's frozen eggs is basically to leave a "regret medicine" for his own fertility

She said, "I don't want to have children now

If I want to have children in the future, my physical conditions may not be suitable

I want to keep my eggs from the golden age, which is equivalent to keeping my fertility from the golden age

" However, Xu zaozao's idea is contrary to the relevant laws and regulations of assisted reproduction in China

The code for human assisted reproductive technology revised by the national health and Family Planning Commission in 2003 stipulates that "it is prohibited to implement human assisted reproductive technology to couples and single women who do not meet the provisions of domestic laws and regulations on population and family planning"

Egg freezing technology belongs to the category of human assisted reproduction technology

If it is open, there will be great management and ethical risks

Although the demands of many female friends are understandable, if the frozen eggs are fully opened, there may be relatively large management and ethical risks

This is also the reason why the competent authorities are very cautious about this

"It may be chaotic to open frozen eggs now, and there are no supporting measures for management and ethics to keep up

" The reporter interviewed the head of a large assisted reproductive medicine institution in Shanghai

The person in charge said that in addition to failing to comply with domestic assisted reproductive technology standards, frozen eggs of single women also have the risk of damage to health and the risk of egg trading

First of all, before freezing eggs, women have to go through the process of ovulation promotion with the help of medical means

There are certain health risks in the technology of ovulation promotion and ovulation promotion

If it is fully open, management must be strengthened to avoid harm to healthy women

In addition, single women require frozen eggs in order to use these "stocks" when they need to have children

However, the doctor said that there is no final conclusion about the safety of frozen eggs

"Every country has different attitudes towards frozen eggs and regulations on the freezing period

The UK allows eggs to be preserved for 10 years

In 2013, Japan announced that it agreed to allow healthy single women to apply for frozen eggs, but the relevant guidelines do not recommend that women over the age of 40 freeze their eggs

When a woman dies, her frozen eggs will be discarded

The laws of all States in the United States will not prohibit women from freezing their eggs

" The doctor said that if the frozen eggs are released, it may also give women a bad hint that it is OK to have children when they are old

But in fact, as you get older, even if you have frozen eggs, the probability of successful fertility will decrease rapidly

By then, having a baby may not be as easy as women think

And even if the pregnancy is successful, the complications in the process of delivery of elderly mothers will increase significantly, and the maternal and infant mortality will increase

In terms of management, the opening of frozen eggs for single women may bring convenience to egg trading

Egg trading is not allowed in China

Legal couples who need eggs for special conditions can obtain eggs from service personnel through the hospital

Eggs cannot be traded

Why do these women want to go abroad to freeze their eggs? From the general environment, the possibility of domestic opening up single women to freeze their eggs is still relatively small, but the demand exists objectively

The number of women going abroad to freeze their eggs has increased rapidly in recent years

A 38 year old woman who lives in Beijing asked for annual leave in 2016 and went to the United States to store her eggs, which cost a total of 400000 yuan

The woman told the reporter in the advertisement on the domestic surrogate agency website that there are many agencies in the market that provide the whole process service of overseas frozen eggs

They nominally provide "medical tourism" related services, such as accommodation, sightseeing, introduction to medical institutions, etc

But in fact, these intermediaries will also provide customers with detailed medical information about frozen eggs, and tell customers the characteristics, prices, specific frozen egg processes and so on of various frozen egg institutions

She told the reporter that due to her short vacation time, according to the guidance of the intermediary, she first completed the ovulation induction process in a private medical institution in Beijing, and then flew to the United States for ovulation promotion and freezing in the United States

If Chinese customers complete the whole process from ovulation induction to freezing in the United States, the cost will be more than 1

4 million yuan

She said that at present, the main overseas destinations for frozen eggs and surrogacy of Chinese people are Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, etc

in addition to the United States

The domestic prices of the latter are much lower than those of the United States, so they have attracted many Chinese customers in recent years

In addition, American medical institutions have no restrictions on whether the frozen egg is single, but Ukraine and other countries require that the frozen egg and the surrogate are husband and wife

As a result, single women with frozen eggs overseas have fewer destinations to choose from, and the price is very high

This is also one of the reasons why some women hope to open frozen eggs in China

Among the women who go overseas to freeze eggs, there are actually many married women

An employee of a large enterprise in Shanghai told reporters that she had just arrived in Ukraine this year to freeze her embryos

Ukraine provides a "smooth package", that is, the whole process service from ovulation promotion, embryo cultivation to surrogacy, with a charge of about 400000 yuan

"There are many Chinese customers

On the plane back, I met three families carrying baby cradles, and I could also meet many Chinese people in the hospital

" The woman said that because she was already old at the time of marriage, although she had her own childbirth plan, considering that the golden period of childbirth has basically passed, even if she can have one child, it will be difficult to have two children in the future, so she chose to leave a "seed" overseas

She said that among her girlfriends, both single and married women are very interested in freezing eggs

"A girl friend with a bad relationship between husband and wife said that now the eggs are frozen

If they divorce and re form a family in the future, they may also have their own children

" However, overseas frozen eggs are not "all good"

The woman also admitted that it would be difficult to safeguard her rights if there were any problems with frozen eggs or embryos overseas

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