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Surrogacy, which is hard to be tolerated by law and morality, has to bear these risks!

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Original title: surrogacy, which is difficult to tolerate in law and morality, has to bear these risks! It may be hard to conceive in October, but in these ten months, the child has grown up in the mother's belly

I believe that every mother can't forget the feeling

No matter what choice of surrogacy is, it is very undesirable and illegal

Surrogacy is to implant the fertilized egg into the womb of a surrogate woman to replace the process of completing the pregnancy in October

However, our law strictly stipulates that surrogacy is not allowed, which violates the law

However, this technology can only be implemented in medical institutions approved by the health administrative department

For medical purposes, it must comply with domestic family planning policies, ethical principles, laws and regulations

Surrogacy is forbidden in China, and its disregard for life is heinous: surrogate who gives birth to a boy will be forced to abort a girl; If the fetus is defective or discarded

It is difficult for the law and morality to trample on the bottom line! What are the risks of surrogacy? 1

Influence on children's growth because surrogacy is unreasonable and illegal, so the surrogacy behavior is operated in a dark box

The surrogate is generally limited to a relatively small range of activities, and the surrogate mother is nervous, which is bound to affect the normal and healthy growth of the fetus

Before the birth of a child, the surrogate women are nervous and anxious, which will also affect the health of the mother and the growth and development of the fetus

The fetus and the surrogate mother can not cooperate with each other, which leads to childbirth obstacles

The act of surrogacy also involves both the entrusting party and the entrusted party

At the same time, it also involves personnel and medical personnel, so it is impossible to keep it secret

As long as the secret is leaked, it will certainly affect the growth of children and the happy relationship of families


It is difficult to know the health status of pregnant mothers in the Qing Dynasty

The health status of surrogate mothers directly affects the future of their children

Therefore, the health requirements of surrogate mothers are very strict now

Some institutions that claim to be engaged in surrogacy business expressly stipulate that the surrogate mother is less than 32 years old, with a height of more than 157 cm, healthy, without genetic disease genes, abortion history, deep myopia, etc

Some familial recessive diseases may not appear in the surrogate mother, but will appear in the next generation; Some diseases also have an incubation period, which is bound to affect children; Smoking, drinking, staying up late and bad mood during pregnancy will affect the health status of the fetus, which has great health risks

Warm tips: the methods of surrogacy include artificial insemination and test tube baby surrogacy

The favorable rate depends on many aspects, such as age, uterus and ovary, existing diseases, etc

Surrogacy does solve the problem of infertility, but it also challenges the traditional fertility

Surrogacy is to substitute for others' pregnancy and childbirth, which is not allowed in China, but it is recognized and legal in some states of the United States

In addition, many babies born by surrogacy have defects after birth, which makes it difficult to ensure the quality of babies

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