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Zheng Shuang is blasted as an American surrogate? When the organ has the commodity attribute, how should women's rights

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Just in 2021, the entertainment industry broke out even more powerful News - Zheng Shuang and her ex boyfriend Zhang Heng are suspected of being foreign surrogates and abandoning their children

Of course, we don't know the accuracy of this news, but because of Zheng Shuang, the "surrogate" is successfully searched

"Why oppose surrogacy?" This topic resonates with all women

How should women's rights and interests be safeguarded when organs have the commodity attribute? First, let's learn what surrogacy is

Surrogacy refers to the behavior that a fertile woman (i


a surrogate mother) implants a fertilized egg into the uterus with the help of modern medical technology (human assisted reproductive technology and its derivatives) to pregnancy and deliver for others (the client)

It can be divided into complete surrogacy, partial surrogacy, uncompensated surrogacy and paid surrogacy

Surrogacy is based on the premise that men and women do not have sexual intercourse

The process includes artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer technology and other related derivative technologies

Birth behavior itself is social, but surrogacy has broken the traditional mother image integrating pregnancy, childbirth and blood relationship, which has aroused widespread controversy

In order to ensure the favorable rate of embryo implantation, the surrogate mother should constantly take injections and medicines, and even try once every three or four months; If a surrogate who gave birth to a boy conceives a girl, he will be forcibly aborted! If the fetus has defects, it may even abandon the baby

Some time ago, Wu (a pseudonym), a surrogate mother in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was refunded for surrogate pregnancy

After giving birth to her daughter alone, she was unable to go to the Hukou and went north alone to find her biological father, which triggered a lot of discussion among netizens

Regardless of whether the adult is right or wrong, the girl born after the surrogate was refunded is not wrong

She has no way to choose her own origin

Fortunately, she met a surrogate mother who loved her and ran about for her affairs

Let's think deeply

If the little girl knew the reason for her birth when she grew up, what would she think and how would she accept the fate of being refunded and sold her birth certificate when she was born? When people are equated with commodities, no matter how much they are worth, it is a kind of blasphemy, and life is priceless

China's law clearly prohibits surrogacy

In 2001, the Ministry of health promulgated and implemented the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology, which expressly stipulates that surrogacy (embryo transfer and sexual intercourse) is prohibited, and no medical institution or medical personnel shall implement any form of surrogacy

Despite the legal provisions, surrogacy disorder has been repeatedly prohibited for so many years

The reason is very simple, because surrogacy is profitable, the surrogate market always exists, and profit makers naturally do not hesitate to defy the law

Many infertile families always believe that surrogacy is the only way for them to have children

Most of the surrogates are low-income groups

They hope to get rid of poverty through the income of surrogacy

Even if they become the so-called "fertility machine" or "exploited women", they don't care

They even think that helping a life to come to the world is a merit

Some netizens will also ask, one willing to hit another willing to suffer, why should we stop it? Therefore, some people not only hold a tolerant attitude towards surrogacy, but even try to promote the legalization of surrogacy, but do not know whether they have ever thought that once the legalization of surrogacy is allowed, it is equivalent to the legal recognition that "people are commodities that can be bought and sold" and the "Exploitation of the strong against the weak"

Once surrogacy is legalized, will women's social value be limited to having children? Will people become more and more indifferent? The children born to the surrogate mother are carried away one by one

The meat falling from the surrogate mother will not meet for life, but only money will be exchanged

What about the baby who was taken away? Think about it

The whole family is related by blood, but the children are born from other people's stomachs

After a long time, will the family still be alive? If surrogacy is legalized, the resulting "Butterfly Effect" may involve every woman, and the social concept will also change greatly

Public opinion will think that surrogacy is a means of making a living by self-reliance, and workers are more likely to use this as an excuse to reduce the participation of women in other types of work

"What job are you looking for? Isn't it a woman's job to have children?" Just think, if this is the case, a sense of shudder arises spontaneously, to what extent will women's social status regress? Children, known as the crystallization of love, can not be an alternative "commodity", and women can not be a "machine" for childbirth

What do you think of surrogacy?

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