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Prada group: all cooperative relations with Zheng Shuang have been terminated

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[Dahe finance cube news] on the evening of January 19, the official microblog of luxury brand Prada group announced that it had terminated all cooperative relations with Zheng Shuang

On January 11, prada officially announced Zheng Shuang as the new spokesperson and asked him to shoot the brand's new year of the ox advertisement together with caixukun and Chunxia, the other two spokespersons of the brand

On the afternoon of January 18, the entertainment industry broke out

Zheng Shuang's ex boyfriend Zhang Heng wrote that he did not return home because he had to stay in the United States to "take care of and protect two young innocent lives"

Then he said, "of course it's my baby


After that, according to Netease Entertainment, Zhang Heng provided the birth certificates of two children in the United States

On the evening of the 18th, Netease Entertainment released a recording, which almost confirmed that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng went to the United States for surrogacy and intended to abandon their children

Zhang Heng's friends also provided the media with a recording of Zhang Heng's parents suspected of Zheng Shuang

The edited content is a dialogue between Zheng Shuang and their parents on how to deal with their children

Or due to the "surrogate abandonment" storm, Prada's Hong Kong stock price began to fall sharply on the afternoon of the 18th, and finally closed down 1

70% to 46

HK $20

In addition, it is worth noting that CCTV news commented on the matter on the afternoon of the 19th: a former surrogate mother was "returned" and a star was suspected of being a surrogate for abandonment

The exposure that "I can't beat it off, I'm bored to death" in the recording was even more outrageous

Surrogacy is forbidden in China, and its disregard for life is heinous: surrogate who gives birth to a boy will be forced to abort a girl; If the fetus is defective or discarded

It is difficult for the law and morality to trample on the bottom line! Editor in charge: Liu Yun reviewed by: Li Zhen director: Wan Junwei reported / feedback

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