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Surrogate mother's murder

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com news according to the Yangtze Evening News, a surrogate pregnancy led to countless evil feelings

At more than 2:00 a


on the 4th, a house in Suxin village, Xiannv Town, Jiangdu City, Jiangsu Province, burst into flames

Guobaopeng, 40, the head of the household, and guopeirong, 3, died on the spot

Guos wife huangxiaomei, 42, and guopeirong's biological mother huxinping, were seriously injured and dying

The reporter learned from the interview that huxinping was a surrogate mother, which finally led to a tragedy because of problems such as alimony and forced marriage

According to the neighbors, guobaopeng is a water electrician

He is good-looking, honest and friendly

His wife, Huang Xiaomei, is 2 years older than him

He is from this town

He is also hardworking

The couple have a good relationship

Five years ago, their 12-year-old son drowned while swimming

Because Huang Xiaomei had been sterilized, guobaopeng thought about "having a baby by abdomen"

Later, when he was working, he met huxinping, who was 12 years younger than his wife

Soon the two lived together and gave birth to guopeirong

"The two should have reached an agreement verbally

Hu had a child and Guo gave her money

" Insiders believe that Hu Xinping has been asked many times because the money promised to Hu Xinping has not been fulfilled

But each time, Hu broke up unhappily

Hu proposed that Guo would either give money, get married, or take away her son

Finally, she rode her motorcycle to guobaopeng's house, put the gasoline in the motorcycle fuel tank into the plastic bucket she was carrying, and pressed the lighter

The case investigated by the police is roughly the same as what the neighbors said

At present, huangxiaomei and huxinping are being rescued at the Subei people's Hospital in Yangzhou

"Both of them are very dangerous

They have not passed the dangerous period and may die at any time

" The doctor did not give a positive answer to the villagers' claim that huxinping was pregnant again, but said that Hu's menstrual leave had been suspended for two months