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Thailand's strictest surrogacy law takes effect

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A Thai law against foreigners seeking commercial surrogacy services came into force on July 30

According to the updated law, at least one of the couple is Thai, which means that foreign couples are forbidden to go to Thailand “ Rent a uterus;

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It is strictly forbidden to come to Thailand “ Rent a uterus ” Previously, due to loose regulation and low prices, Thailand became the first choice for many foreigners to seek surrogacy services

However, there were also chaos such as abandoning disabled babies, competing for and abusing surrogacy services

The law, which came into force on July 30, is called the law on the protection of the production of babies by assisted reproductive technology, or the surrogate law for short

On July 29, Raxxx, Thailand, said that the surrogacy law aims to protect infertile couples so that they can have children through assisted reproductive technology and protect their children

This law forbids couples to abandon the children produced by surrogacy, and forbids the use of surrogacy for profit, and the sale of sperm and eggs

The surrogacy law also draws attention to the fact that it stipulates that couples seeking surrogacy services should be Thai

If one of the couples is non Thai, the time between the two should be no less than 3 years, that is, it is illegal for foreign couples to go to Thailand to seek surrogacy services

In addition, the surrogacy law stipulates that the person seeking surrogacy shall be “ A married couple ”, Since Thailand does not legally recognize same-sex marriage, homosexuals can not surrogate in Thailand

The surrogate mother can be sentenced to 10 years for illegal living

The surrogate law also makes strict provisions on the surrogate: for the first time, the surrogate must be a relative of the couple seeking the surrogate, but not their mother or direct descendants; Secondly, the surrogate must be at least 25 years old, have had more than one child and obtain the consent of her husband; The eggs of the surrogate cannot be used for surrogacy

The surrogate must use the sperm and eggs of the couple seeking the surrogate

If the surrogate mother violates the law privately “ Live ”, May face a higher prison term of 10 years and a fine of up to 200000 baht

The child born to a surrogate is born to a surrogate couple “ Legitimate children ”

According to the previous regulations, the surrogate is the mother of the child born by the surrogate and needs to go through the procedure “ Adoption ” For those seeking surrogacy

Case surrogacy “ Industry ” The big media believe that Thailand has introduced the surrogacy law to regulate the surrogacy industry in Thailand

Before that, there have been a series of controversial events caused by surrogacy in Thailand

Last year, an Australian couple found a surrogate in Thailand

The surrogate gave birth to a pair of twins, but the boy suffered from Down syndrome

The Australian couple took only the healthy baby girl and abandoned the baby boy to a surrogate

The incident caused an uproar

The Thai authorities raided dozens of fertility clinics in the capital Bangkok, and found nine babies in an apartment, all born to a rich Japanese father

The man became the father of at least 15 babies through surrogacy in Thailand and planned to have thousands of children

In 2014, American man Gordon · Lake and her Spanish husband Manuel · Ballero found a Thai surrogate through an intermediary, using lake's sperm and another Thai woman's egg

However, after the surrogate gave birth to Carmen this year, he refused to adopt Carmen as agreed

The same-sex couples said on social networking sites that the surrogate would not let them adopt because they found that they were gay

But a few days ago, the surrogate told the Thai media that she was worried that Carmen would become a victim of human trafficking and was willing to refund all the fees and support herself

According to the previous law, the surrogate has custody of the child, and the only way for the same-sex partner to take the child away is to ask the court to award the child to them and prove that they are not involved in human trafficking