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Suzhou suspected "surrogate agency"

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http://www。 sina。 com。 CNAT 15:01, January 15, 2005, Zhejiang Information Times reported that it was once a fashionable topic to have children by belly

To a certain extent, these "surrogate" technologies have solved the troubles of some infertile people, but also brought a series of legal, moral, ethical and other issues

In view of this, "surrogate technology" was banned by the Ministry of health on august1,2001

Recently, a website called "acting pregnant women aa69 love network" claimed to provide "surrogate" services

According to the public, a person with the online name of "love messenger" once recruited an agent for pregnant women with an annual salary of more than 40000 yuan online

He also covered food, shelter, pocket money and a commission

It is understood that the cost of finding a general surrogate pregnant woman is 61000 yuan, while the salary of a senior surrogate pregnant woman for 17 months is more than 80000 yuan

The website shows that the "surrogate" agency is headquartered in Suzhou, headed by Mr

Lu and located in Canglang District

The agency has offices in Hebei, Sichuan, Fuzhou, Ningbo and even Moscow

More than 40000 people have logged on to the website

Tan Haisheng, a lawyer from Suzhou Mingren law firm, believes that "surrogacy" technology has long been prohibited in China

The activities of "surrogacy" intermediaries in Suzhou are actually illegal, which can easily lead to many social contradictions

In addition, this form of "surrogacy" is suspected of prostitution and concubinage

Contributed by Jiangnan times (source: Information Times)