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Why don't intermediaries tell the truth? Thailand has long banned surrogacy, egg donation and sex selection as a test tu

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Due to personal reasons, we are now paying attention to the field of assisted reproduction

There are so many "Thai surrogacy", "Thailand" and "Thai sex selection" on the Internet

What is the interpretation of the Thai law "2558 years of the Buddhist calendar for the protection of children born in medical assisted reproduction technology"? Background: a Thai law on foreigners seeking commercial surrogacy services came into force on the 30th

According to the updated law, at least one of the couple is Thai, which means that foreign couples can no longer legally "rent a uterus" in Thailand

According to the law, the surrogate mother must be at least 25 years old and have a history of childbirth

If the surrogate mother illegally "takes over the job", she may face a higher 10-year imprisonment and a fine of up to 200000 baht (about US $5723)

The embassies of the United States, Australia and other countries in Thailand have warned their citizens not to engage in commercial surrogacy services in Thailand

Last year, a surrogate mother in Thailand gave birth to a dragon and Phoenix fetus to an Australian couple, who only took away a healthy baby girl and refused to raise a baby boy suffering from Down syndrome

This caused an uproar in Thailand

The new surrogacy law of Thailand has come into force and prohibits foreigners from seeking surrogacy in Thailand

The status quo of assisted reproduction in Thailand: local well-known hospitals such as BNH, Kangming and Bangkok hospitals do not accept foreigners, surrogacy and, and also refuse to provide medical services for single women

Then, most people come into contact with clinics, not hospitals

If Alice, the beauty of @ reproductive center, thinks that the technology of the United States and Thailand is better than that of China, she must not be engaged in medical treatment or have no friends to engage in the medical industry

Let's talk about the data

Let's figure it out for ourselves: in the United States, there are more than 400 reproductive institutions, with a population of 3

500 million Thailand, more than 50 reproductive institutions, 0


8 billion in China, more than 400 reproductive institutions, 1

4 billion in Thailand and the United States, and more than 5000 intermediaries (including individuals) in China, 90% of which are concentrated in sending customers to the United States and Thailand

Advertisements about Thailand, the United States, surrogacy and sex selection are overwhelming

Believe in the power of advertising

I have done a lot of homework, those intermediaries want to tear X, welcome!!!! I will always add, improve and let more people know!!!