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Chinese rich man goes to the United States to give birth to an American citizen by means of abdomen

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An "American Doll" born under the service of the "maternity center" run by Chinese Americans is next to an American passport

Many wealthy Chinese people hope to change the "will of heaven" by manpower

In 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment to the U


Constitution was passed

Paragraph 1 of the amendment stipulates that "all people born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the United States and the state in which they live

" More than 140 years later, encouraged by this amendment, some couples started from the mainland of China and chose to give birth to their lives on the other side of the earth

After going to the United States to give birth to children, this practice has a new pattern: giving birth to children by means of abdomen, carrying on the family line and giving birth to an American citizen kill two birds with one stone

Chinese couples tend to "keep a low profile"


Zeng, a veteran tourist in Los Angeles, has received various mainland tourist groups for more than 20 years, but he has received two "unusual" couples in a row in recent month, "almost all middle-aged couples, all of whom are very rich"

The first stop of these couples' groups in Los Angeles was not the famous direct sales center or Universal Studios

Instead, they went straight to the famous surrogate center in Los Angeles near the intersection of Beverly and Willshire Avenue

At the same time, they worked hard to meet the surrogate mother introduced by the intermediary

The Chinese couple disclosed that they contacted surrogate centers and surrogate mothers in the United States through domestic intermediaries, and their task was to find "land to have their own children"

It is legal to have children by belly in the United States, but most Chinese couples say that "it is better to know as few people as possible"

In the surrogacy center, the wife has to undergo various physical examinations first, and then receive a 2000 yuan egg stimulating needle

The doctor combines the wife's egg with the husband's sperm through in vitro fertilization to become a fertilized egg

Within a week, the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother

Among more than 300 people, the selection of surrogate mothers is no easier than accepting egg stimulating needles

"Although the doctor has told us in advance that the body shape and appearance of the surrogate mother will not affect the development of the embryo, we still hope that the surrogate mother is perfect in all aspects


A husband who is choosing a surrogate mother with his wife said that among other couples he knows, "no one does not choose carefully"

He and his wife selected ten of the more than 300 surrogate mother candidates under the introduction of the intermediary, met with each other for dinner, and after several screening, they chose a 24-year-old "beautiful, healthy and good-natured" Hispanic nurse

A couple from Shandong, who asked not to be named, said that they had already had two daughters because they went into business in their early years, but they still hoped to have a son

However, they had to work hard for business these years

When they got rich in recent years, they were old, so when they heard from friends that there was such a "quick way" to give birth to an American citizen to carry on the family line, killing two birds with one stone, "no matter how much money they spent


The couple disclosed that the initial price for their surrogate mother in Los Angeles was 150000 yuan

If they successfully gave birth to a boy, the bonus would be 50000 yuan

A staff member of the surrogacy center in Los Angeles said that it has always been possible to have children by abdomen, but for a long time, most of the guests have sought surrogacy from their mothers because of their age or physical condition

However, over the past few months, the number of Asian guests has increased significantly, "almost every day we can see the faces of Asian husbands"

The staff member said that the vast majority of surrogate mothers are white and Hispanic

Industry analysis: having children in the United States has formed an industry chain

Many families believe that "the return on investment is higher than robbing banks

" in April, 2006, the U


Embassy in China announced that Chinese citizens can apply for visas to the United States for tourism purposes

The opening of this policy has opened up the dream of many Chinese families with high incomes to have children abroad

For some Chinese, they can become foreigners at birth, It is much easier to become a foreign immigrant [microblog] once and for all

In the eyes of some families who go to the United States to have children, this is an investment action with a "higher rate of return than robbing banks"

They hope to use manpower to change the "will of heaven", so that this child with an American passport will have the opportunity to enjoy the high-quality education, welfare and living environment of the United States from the moment he comes to the world

It is understood that the project of "giving birth to children in the United States" is usually completed by the United States maternity center in cooperation with Chinese agents

The intermediary is responsible for finding appropriate sources of customers in China, assisting customers in obtaining visas, booking air tickets, contacting the monthly center and other early-stage businesses; The maternity center is responsible for reception in the United States

In the maternity center, there are usually people who are familiar with the national conditions of the United States, proficient in Chinese and English, and have certain medical knowledge to arrange a series of services for pregnant women, such as pick-up, accommodation, prenatal examination and post natal services

Generally in the United States, "one month after the first two months", that is, two months before delivery to the United States, and one month after delivery

"Having children in the United States has formed an industrial chain," said Chen Lu, who went to the United States to have children

"A few years ago, I only knew that having children in Hong Kong was very popular

When I came to the United States, I found that Chinese have done a good job of having children all over the world

" American netizens have said that emigrating or changing American politics, Chinese people go to the United States to have children, and many American netizens have mixed opinions on this

Many people think that Chinese people's behavior of having children in the United States is a threat

A netizen named "smithtordon" pointed out: "why does the immigration bill still work? American politicians should legislate to prevent Chinese from entering our country, which is very unfair to American citizens

A netizen named" stephenking "worried that the Chinese were taking the opportunity to" develop "the United States and would" steal "American technology

There are also many people who believe that the behavior of Chinese people to have children in the United States is not a bad thing for the United States

A netizen named "CW" said: "these Chinese people attach importance to education and have plans for the future

They are many times better than some Americans who muddle along

" A netizen named "michaellangdon" said vehemently: "the media should shut up on this issue and should not describe the Chinese as thieves who steal their nationality

These Chinese immigrants pay tuition and taxes as usual

Why should the United States act like a victim?" A netizen named "powr\u loadr" believes that the immigration behavior of the Chinese people may even change the American political arena

He pointed out: "the better gift that China gives to the United States is immigration

Even if they send only 1% of the population, they will form a very terrible voting team

From then on, the formulation of U


policies and even the presidential election will be restrained by Chinese groups