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How can Ukrainian surrogate children who have already been born be brought back to China and how can they be taken care

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Now you can apply for a visa, but the flight can't fly until the middle of July

Before, I planned to hire a woman, and then rent a house to take care of the baby alone, but the cost was seriously exceeded the budget, and it cost 20000 yuan

To put it in the maternity center is to pay for one month, and then the baby's milk powder, clothes and so on are included

It's 12000 a month

Generally speaking, it's much cheaper to rent a house than to hire a woman alone

My baby is placed in the maternity center in Ukraine

You can also find this kind of maternity center

My child is not in Ukraine, but in Kazakhstan

At present, the children can't come back

We can't get out

We also feel very anxious, but this epidemic is a natural and man-made disaster

We can only wait for the opportunity and wait for the flight and visa

Although I can't sleep at night

But I can only wait

Now the agency has hired a nursery teacher to help us take care of the baby

The monthly cost of the child is less than 6000

I thought I was busy now

I thought I would be busy with my baby

But I didn't expect the epidemic to develop so fast

The little apple is taken care of by a nursery teacher in Almaty

Now I am free to blossom

I don't work now

I just want to be a full-time mom

As a result, I made an early calculation

I have wasted nearly half a year

So, people are not as good as God, but it can also be regarded as a holiday before and after becoming a mother

In fact, people are very hard

The really relaxing years are only a few years before kindergarten

If you meet the kind of parents who want their children to succeed, you may not be able to speak, so you need to learn English

Fortunately, before I went to kindergarten as a child, my parents were not as strict with their children as they are now

Except for those years when I was a child and didn't go to school, I have a longer rest time this year

Although I had summer vacation and winter vacation when I was a child, it was only oneortwo months

This time, I have been resting for nearly half a year

Although the mood can not be completely relaxed, in essence, I still rest and become a full-time housewife

Now the basic thing is to brush Tiktok and see what you know

Cook, clean, and watch the baby

If you think about it, your life is really hard and tiring

The only thing that can really relax is the children

I feel that it is right to choose to be a full-time mother to take care of the children

An unfortunate childhood needs a lifetime to heal, and a happy childhood needs a lifetime to heal

I hope that when the little apple grows up, needs to shelter others from the wind and rain, and feels tired, think about the warmth and love Mommy gave her when she was a child, which can make her have a stronger heart to love others

It is parents' unshirkable responsibility to give their children a happy childhood

I am ready for the end of the epidemic

I hope little apple will come back to us soon

Mommy is ready to take good care of you and love you!! You are welcome to return home as soon as possible

We are looking forward to it day and night

Now there are flights to pick up the baby

There is a flight every week, but it needs to be isolated in China after returning home

Generally, it will be isolated in Hohhot

Fly from Beijing to Belarus and from Belarus to Kiev

I'll do it! As my own job!! Point 1 "about returning home" despite the impact of the epidemic, most Ukrainian hospitals, including ours, are still operating normally

What is more important is that the returning couples need to handle some documents in Chinese and English, such as "nucleic acid test"

Another important point is that "transit" does not seem to have direct access to our airport in China, Specifically, you can ask me or Ctrip that you should see the transfer plan ~ second, "if you can't come over, what about the child?" For example, if the baby is born and the mothers can't come to pick up the baby, we usually negotiate with the couple to hand it over to the Maternity Center for care

We have been strictly controlling this and taking good care of every mother's child! At the beginning of December, two couples picked up the baby and went home

We had a good trip

After returning home, we also talked with them to ensure that everyone was isolated smoothly and began to live a normal life

1 Application Form: the embassy directly filled in the description of Dy (infertility)


Baobao's 4 ID photos, which should be engraved on the CD and handed in; 3

The original and copies of the passports of the parents; 4

The original and copy of the visa pages of the parents; 5

Original and copy of marriage certificate; 6

Original and copy of birth certificate; 7dna paternity test report; According to the dy contract of the 8 hospital, I learned that with the above information, I can go to the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine to apply for a child's travel permit

Generally, I can get it within 3-5 working days

After I get it, I can buy tickets for my baby to return home