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Can you find someone to provide egg cells by yourself?

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Oppose and report what the so-called private hospitals can do in real name

Not in Chinese Mainland

Taiwan, China can, and other parts of China can

It is not allowed to operate businesses in China

It is certainly not possible to bring egg donors in public hospitals

Generally, it can only be gray operation

It's hard to wait for the reproductive center in the top three hospitals in China

It's too hard! Domestic laws and regulations have formulated a framework: the specification for human assisted reproductive technology revised by the Ministry of health in 2003 clearly stipulates that any organization or individual is prohibited from raising funds in any form for commercialization

The third generation of test tubes is limited to the remaining eggs in the treatment of test tube babies, and it is strictly prohibited to buy or sell eggs

In other words, if a woman who wants to be a test tube baby has extra eggs, she can only donate more eggs with informed consent

Yes, IVF is the process of using the eggs of third-party service personnel to combine with the husband's sperm in the laboratory to form fertilized eggs, cultivate them into embryos, and then transfer them to the mother to be's uterus to continue to develop into fetuses until delivery due to the low ovarian function of the mother to be

As a carrier of genes, eggs are related to the baby's appearance, intelligence, physical health and other aspects

What aspects should we choose the appropriate service personnel? 1。 Age: we must be young

Age is a greater factor affecting egg quality

Many older women are too old to have eggs because of ovarian failure

The younger the service personnel, the better the egg quality

In the range of 18~25 years old, the quality of eggs is higher

The quality of eggs is one of the more important factors affecting the success rate of IVF

2。 Healthy and free from bad habits, IVF has strict requirements for egg donors

In order to ensure the quality of eggs, they must undergo strict health examination, including screening for various genetic diseases

After all the physical examination conditions are qualified, the service personnel should also be certified for their personal information, including their educational background, whether they have a history of crime or drug abuse, whether they have bad habits, etc

, and then the basic personal information files should be established

According to domestic regulations, egg donation service personnel and the recipient's family will never meet, and the principle of mutual blindness will be maintained

3。 Blood type matching: it conforms to the scientific law of genetic genetics

Many couples who do test tube babies think that there is a great relationship between the blood type of egg donors and the interest rate of test tube babies

If the blood type does not match, there will be blood group rejection

In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because there is no clotting antigen on egg, which will not cause clotting reaction

The purpose of choosing a person based on the blood type of both husband and wife is to avoid unnecessary trouble when a child finds that his blood type does not match his parents' blood type

In addition, the blood type of egg donors has no effect on the favorable rate of IVF

Reproductive medicine experts believe that for patients who meet the indications of test tube medicine, as long as the service personnel are healthy, blood type matched, and the egg source gene is strong, those who meet the above conditions can basically be included in the scope of selection, and the transplant profit rate is a more powerful proof

When it comes to pregnancy and having children, I can't live without the topics of old age, test tube, and fetal protection

It's not easy to have children, and it's even harder to raise them

In this process, I have experienced difficulties in work and confusion in life, which is hard to say

I have resisted the test tube for many years, mainly because of the promotion of excretion

In my limited knowledge framework in the past, I thought that women had a limited number of eggs in their lives and took a lot of eggs at one time

Wouldn't it be killing chickens to promote excretion, advance my menopause and shorten my life span? So I don't want to have a baby

Later, I learned that the fact is that there are many basic follicles in both ovaries of women every month, of which only one can mature, and the rest are useless

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