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Is egg donation legal in Thailand?

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What you want to ask is, is it in line with the laws of Thailand? Or our country? In the past two years, there have been some reports that it is illegal

But now, as long as it is really not suitable for making test tubes for its own reasons, it can help you apply for making test tubes in large hospitals

It can only be carried out after obtaining relevant approval

It is not as easy as before

In Thailand, we can help apply

In 2015, there was a law prohibiting sex discrimination

Test tube babies in Thailand are well-known throughout Asia

However, after consulting relevant data, it was found that Thailand had enacted relevant laws prohibiting test tube making as early as 2015, including single and same-sex groups

Therefore, most of the test tube bags we see in Thailand are private test tube institutions in Thailand

If you want to perform surrogacy in Thailand, you need to comply with the following rules: 1

Among legal couples, the wife can not conceive and let other women perform surrogacy and give birth

You must be Thai

If one of the couples is not Thai, you must issue a certificate of registration in Thailand for more than three years


A surrogate woman may not be the parent or descendant of both the lawful husband and wife


A surrogate woman must be the immediate family member of the legal couple

When there is no immediate family member in the legal couple, other women can be allowed to surrogate

So far, it has been implemented in accordance with the guidelines, methods and conditions issued by the medical committee which have been approved by the Committee


A woman who accepts surrogacy must have been pregnant

If the woman has a legal husband or has cohabited as a husband and wife, she must wait for the man's consent

It can be seen that not all surrogacy is legal in Thailand, and Thailand also needs to meet certain requirements before it can be done

If you want to be single and same-sex groups, you can't make test tubes in Thailand

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