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Guangzhou family planning verified the parents' situation of octuplets and investigated the responsibility of the surrog

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Family planning is urgently verifying the parents of "octuplets"

Guangdong Provincial Department of health: verify the details of surrogacy as soon as possible and investigate the responsibilities of surrogacy agencies

After the client selects the surrogate, first adjust the physiological cycle of the surrogate and his wife to the same; On the second day of the menstrual leave, the wife went to the hospital as Fang for physical examination

After passing the physical examination, she began to receive ovulation induction injections, and then promoted ovulation

On the day of ovulation induction, she took her husband's sperm; Sperm and eggs are fertilized in vitro; After the test tube embryo survived, it was transplanted to the uterus of the surrogate; Different surrogacy means different prices

There are three forms of surrogacy: 30000 yuan for each additional male fetus, 20000-30000 yuan for each additional fetus

The first is to implant the fertilized egg into the surrogate, with a lower remuneration of no more than 120000 yuan; The second is to make the surrogate mother pregnant by injecting sperm into her body, with a reward of no more than 150000 yuan; The third is that the client has direct sexual relations with the surrogate mother, and the remuneration is higher, generally about 200000 yuan

Yesterday, our newspaper "test tube babies + surrogate rich businessmen gave birth to" octuplets "reported that a pair of rich businessmen with surname l gave birth to octuplets in Panyu, which attracted great attention from relevant functional departments

The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou family planning bureau said that the family planning departments at the municipal and district levels were urgently verifying the basic information of the parents of the "octuplets", whether there were other children besides the octuplets, and the couple's registered residence, etc

, and then made a final decision based on these information

The person in charge said frankly that surrogacy is a new phenomenon

At present, there are only health department regulations in China, "compared with social reality, domestic laws and regulations are indeed lagging behind"

Yesterday, the person in charge of Guangdong Provincial Department of health made a special trip to Guangzhou daily to learn more about the birth process of octuplets and made it clear that the Ministry of health had banned "surrogacy" as early as 2003

He said that the provincial health department will investigate the responsibility of medical institutions that provide "surrogate" services for the parents of octuplets and impose penalties according to relevant laws and regulations

He said that the provincial health department will verify the details of the surrogacy of the "8-birth" incident as soon as possible, and then impose penalties according to the specific circumstances

If the relevant medical institutions are involved in a crime, they should bear criminal responsibility

According to the person in charge of the Provincial Department of health, last year, the health department of Guangdong Province conducted a screening inspection on the "surrogacy" industry

"As soon as we cracked down on the rumors, the underground surrogacy agencies went out of town

" as soon as the rumors were over, they ran back to their old business


It is understood that last year, a comprehensive inspection was conducted on qualified auxiliary reproductive medical institutions in the province, and no case of illegal surrogacy business was found

"It is not easy to obtain this qualification certificate, and as far as I know, legitimate businesses are too busy

Under normal circumstances, it is estimated that these institutions are unlikely to carry out surrogacy business in violation of regulations


He said that there are great risks in going to unqualified medical institutions for assisted reproductive surgery

One risk is that most of these institutions will take ovulation drugs for female patients

"There are strict requirements for drug dose control

Once the drugs are used improperly, their lives will be in danger


Secondly, pregnant women who use assisted reproductive technology must reduce their fetuses

Multiple pregnancy will do great harm to the health and safety of pregnant women and fetuses

The reporter searched the Internet and found that there were forty or fifty active surrogate agencies in Guangzhou alone, and some of them have even developed into group operations

Our reporter pretended to be the demand side of surrogacy and contacted several surrogacy intermediaries, but found that most of them were very vigilant

Later, an intermediary named "golden virgin surrogacy network" located in meihuayuan, Baiyun District was willing to receive "prospective customers" in the office