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Legalization of surrogacy in Thailand? Just entering the proposal stage

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Original title: Legalization of surrogacy in Thailand? Just entering the proposal stage, Thailand is revising the surrogacy law to allow foreigners to hire Thai surrogate mothers without requiring that one of the partners must be Thai

According to the revised proposal, foreigners are also allowed to bring eggs and sperm out of Thailand for overseas surrogacy

The amendment of the law aims to promote Thailand to become an international medical center

The Thai authorities said that the revision would take about two months to discuss, and the details of the revision would need to be adjusted before it was submitted to the cabinet

According to the current rules and conditions, only Thai couples or foreigners with Thai partners are allowed to surrogate in Thailand

Moreover, Thai people cannot send frozen eggs or sperm overseas

According to thares krassani rawiwong, director general of Thailand's health service support department, Thailand is trying to remove these two restrictions

If the law is amended, there will be a system for Thai women interested in becoming surrogates to register, so as to ensure that their children will not be trafficked

After nine months of pregnancy and delivery, the hospital will have a tracking system to monitor mothers and babies

Thailand has also had a number of cases related to illegal surrogacy

As early as may2020, a Thai doctor was charged with trafficking in human beings and participating in an illegal gang that used Thai women to illegally surrogate children for Chinese people

Another so-called "transnational surrogate group" was destroyed in February, 2021

Due to travel restrictions during the epidemic, surrogate mothers were unable to deliver their children to overseas buyers

Two babies were found in a police raid and four women believed to be surrogate mothers and three suspected surrogate agents were arrested

Now, these may be legalized

However, according to the formulation and implementation practice of Thailand's policies, the legalization of surrogacy is just in the proposal stage, and the eight characters are just about to be painted

There is no need to hurry

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