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Rising infertility rate leads to huge profits behind the scenes of surrogate black market expansion hospital

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Celebrity surrogacy, white surrogacy, female graduate surrogacy &hellip& hellip; Using "surrogacy" as a keyword to search the Internet, there were 6

28 million search results, and most of the top ranking were promotion websites of surrogacy agencies

After the development and evolution in recent years, surrogacy has come all the way from the curious and strange eyes of the public, and has become an industry with great demand

Money, trade, morality, ethics, law, medicine and other issues are mixed

The reporter interviewed a number of surrogacy mothers through unannounced visits to illegal drainage promotion and surrogacy agencies in hospitals, trying to uncover the black interest chain of the surrogacy industry

Public data on the increasing infertility rate show that the so-called surrogacy refers to the process of implanting a fertilized egg into a pregnant mother's uterus, and the pregnant mother completes the "October pregnancy and delivery" for others, commonly known as "giving birth by borrowing an abdomen"

With the help of excellent "human assisted reproductive technology", surrogate agencies also gambled heavily in front of the huge profits of "baby boys"

Zhong Ting, a surrogate agency headhunter, revealed that surrogate agencies generally refer to "baby boys" as "risk business"

According to customer needs, the agency arranges more than three surrogate mothers to conceive at the same time, increasing the probability of giving birth to boys

"Before the baby is born, if the prenatal examination finds that the baby is a girl, it will be aborted

If the baby is a boy, the surrogate mother's lower remuneration is 200000 yuan

If the baby is found to be a girl according to B-ultrasound, there will be only 35000 yuan of comfort compensation

" A number of surrogacy intermediaries interviewed by the reporter said that in recent years, the development of assisted reproductive technologies such as test tube baby and artificial insemination and the increasing infertility rate have caused the abnormal prosperity of the surrogacy market

The survey report on the current situation of infertility in China released by the China Population Association in 2010 shows that at present, one out of every eight couples of childbearing age in China is facing fertility problems

The proportion of infertile couples of appropriate age has increased by 4-5 times compared with 20 years ago, and there is a younger trend

"Threeorfour years ago, Bao Sheng boy was only five or six million yuan

Now it has risen to more than one million yuan

" With the support of huge market demand, the cost of surrogacy has gone up

The reporter interviewed a number of insiders and learned that at present, there are fourorfive large or small surrogacy institutions in China

Customers generally find surrogacy institutions online or through friends' introductions

At ordinary times, Zhongting seldom mentions her career to others because "everyone can't understand

" After working as a pregnancy intermediary headhunter in the '50s, she finally decided to "wash her hands in a golden basin" because she was pregnant with a child

She touched her stomach and said, "I can't do it now

I want to accumulate some virtue for the children in my stomach

" She disclosed that the average price offered by the intermediary to help customers successfully surrogate a child was about 500000-600000 yuan

The surrogate mother can get 100000-150000 yuan

Except for the necessary living expenses and management expenses of the intermediary, as well as the expenses paid by the hospital, the intermediary can have a profit margin of 200000-300000 yuan

Under the temptation of high profits, the number and scale of surrogacy agencies have grown, and some small surrogacy agencies have begun to appear

In order to attract money, the newly established small agencies "will encourage customers to pay a large deposit before they come to talk about business

" When some customers took the bait, these institutions immediately "evaporated"

Liu Qing, another surrogate agency headhunter who rented the uterus, said that the selection of surrogate mothers' qualifications is not as strict as it was at the beginning

"As long as you are healthy and under the age of 32", you can become a surrogate mother

The reporter learned that the early surrogate agencies were relatively strict in selecting the qualifications of surrogate mothers, especially in terms of age, appearance, physical condition and whether they had engaged in bad industries

In the past two years, due to a large number of demands, surrogate mothers have become a hot "pastry"

The main reason for the limited development scale of many intermediaries is not that there are not enough customers, but that the number of surrogate mothers available is extremely limited

Liu Qing also complained that the lower threshold for surrogate mothers also brought new problems

Some "professional surrogate mothers" feel that the cycle of surrogacy is too long and the salary is not high

They only do early-stage inspection and conditioning

"They earn thousands of dollars a month

When they really want to do embryo transfer, they will disappear


On the other hand, the rights and interests of surrogate mothers are not well protected by surrogate agencies

Some surrogacy contracts state that if the surrogate mother dies due to dystocia, the family member will be compensated 100000 yuan at one time; In case of miscarriage, the surrogate mother will receive more cash compensation of 10000 yuan

"In fact, no producer in any industry faces higher physical risks than surrogate mothers

" No matter the scale, no surrogate agency can escape one link, that is, the technology of artificial transfer of fertilized eggs and embryos

This process must be completed by a professional physician

Therefore, the hospital has become a "more technical" link in the surrogate industry chain

Therefore, huge profits will eventually bind hospitals and surrogate agencies into the same industrial chain, and some doctors will "take risks" because of this

During the investigation of the hospital at the top of the interest chain, the reporter repeatedly contacted the surrogate intermediary or client as a surrogate intermediary or client, and found that they spoke with one voice: "the real profiteer of the surrogate underground chain is the hospital"

Because surrogacy is on the edge of the law, medical accidents caused intentionally or unintentionally by hospitals often cannot be investigated for responsibility or compensated through normal channels

Some surrogacy agencies revealed that it is "common" to help the hospital "carry the blame", and there is no way to protect the interests of customers and surrogate mothers

Liu Qing disclosed that she once cooperated with a doctor in Wuhan

However, due to the negligence of the doctor, "all frozen embryos have problems"

Nevertheless, The doctor still "transplanted these dead embryos

When the customer had no children, our intermediary also had to bear hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan of economic losses for him

The hospital collected money no matter where the customer came from, but when something went wrong, the hospital was completely irresponsible

" The lawyer said that the law forbids surrogacy

The surrogacy contract is invalid

Guochunlan, a lawyer of Guangdong Derby law firm, said that according to the provisions of the marriage law and the population and family planning law, marriage is the prerequisite for childbirth, and the right to procreate must be exercised in accordance with domestic plans

However, the two sides of the surrogate have no marriage relationship stipulated by law

Therefore, the surrogate contract is an invalid contract

Chenbeiyuan, a lawyer of Beijing Yingke (Guangzhou) law firm: Surrogacy mainly involves medical ethics, as well as the rights and interests of third parties other than husband and wife

The greater risk is the ethical risk, which also involves the risk of the surrogate's health

There will be many disputes and problems in non marital surrogacy, which will involve many departments

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