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Chen Kaige's new film baby was severely criticized! Questioned by netizens: encourage paid surrogacy in disguise.

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Original title: Chen Kaige's new film baby was severely criticized! Questioned by netizens: encourage paid surrogacy in disguise

Yesterday, the topic of \chen Kaige's baby surrogate \

Did the big director "roll over" again? At the finals of a variety show performed the day before yesterday, director Chen's work "baby" went online

This film mainly tells the story of a woman who gives a surrogate to make money

During the pregnancy, the female owner had feelings for the child and did not want to give the child to the other buyer

The boyfriend thought the child was his own, but after learning the truth, he persuaded his girlfriend to return the child and proposed to her

In the end, both the male and female owners and the employer's family have a happy ending

Although a sentence "surrogacy is illegal" was added at the end of the film, the audience did not buy it

Why has such a film been censored? Is director Chen encouraging paid surrogacy in disguise? What a bad guide would such a film give children? With the continuous fermentation of accusations and doubts, netizens were furious, and even the people's court newspaper came out to criticize by name! Paid surrogacy is forbidden in our country, and criminal responsibility will be investigated under serious circumstances! Regardless of the moral and ethical issues involved in surrogacy, the act of surrogacy is harmful to girls

First, paid surrogacy is easy for girls to go astray

There is no doubt that girls who carry out paid surrogacy are all for "money"

In order to obtain greater benefits, surrogacy agencies make full use of this to lay traps

However, they do not explicitly tell girls about the physical damage caused by surrogacy

They just blindly "lure money", which is likely to lead girls with low resistance to money astray

Secondly, surrogacy damages the body, which may lead to infertility and seriously endanger life

Surrogacy agencies often do not have the qualifications to carry out assisted reproductive technology, and the professional level and experience of the operators can not be guaranteed

The resulting disputes are endless, and the health of patients is difficult to be guaranteed

In the process of surrogacy, "selling eggs" is a very common operation

Many girls do not know how much potential impact selling eggs has on their own health

In order to obtain more eggs, doctors in surrogacy institutions will use large doses of ovulation inducing drugs

Such abuse of ovulation inducing drugs can easily lead to the occurrence of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which may lead to risks such as pleural effusion and ascites, and embolism of various organs in the body

Although drainage promotion is a relatively simple operation, it has high professional requirements

It must be ensured that the environment for drainage promotion is sterile, dust-free, constant temperature and humidity

However, some places are often set up in the operation sites of surrogate institutions, and even "a studio in an apartment building"

Just think, when you are lying in a cold small workshop or rental apartment without disinfection, and you are poked into your ovaries by a needle tube more than 30 cm long and 2~3 mm thick, do you dare to go? Can you rest assured? Once there is a problem in the process of promoting excretion and promoting excretion, it will not only affect the health of the surrogate, but also affect the future fertility and even cause sterilization

In order to obtain greater benefits, many surrogacy agencies have advertised "giving birth to a boy"

Once a baby girl is found to be pregnant in the process of surrogacy, they will immediately require the surrogate to have an abortion operation until they are pregnant with a boy

In addition, surrogacy agencies often transfer multiple embryos at one time, which increases the probability of multiple pregnancies, and these agencies may not have the ability to reduce pregnancies, resulting in serious pregnancy complications during pregnancy, endangering the health of pregnant women and fetuses, and even life-threatening

This inhuman behavior makes the surrogate become a money making machine for intermediaries

As for the health problems of the surrogate, they don't care! Remind the girls again that they must not act blindly and must not be cheated by illegal surrogacy and other means! Don't think that you are young and have nothing to do

Once you have health or infertility problems, no one will pay for you!!! Later, it reminded the infertile couples that they must choose a regular institution to treat infertility, and never go astray in "paid surrogacy" because of infertility! With the continuous progress and maturity of modern medical assisted reproductive technology, most couples can get pregnant and give birth to healthy test tube babies after treatment! Responsible editor: