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Giving birth by abdomen, revealing the global black surrogate industry chain, and the child becomes the biggest victim

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On the 18th, after the exposure of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng's suspected surrogacy in the United States, the media continued to expose the recordings of their parents

In the recording, Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuang's parents and Zhang Heng's parents negotiated "how to deal with two children"

The woman and her parents frequently put forward the idea of abandoning and letting others adopt children

The woman's father said: "if the two people are separated, no one can afford to support them

Just tell the hospital to abandon them

" The man's father refused to say: "this is illegal in the United States, you know


Zheng Shuang himself also said that he did not want to raise the two children

He not only put forward the idea of abortion, but also burst out in foul language: "these two children really can't be knocked out in seven months, TMD, I'm bored to death


The woman's mother said that if the child could not be killed, she could give it to others, find an institution for adoption, and asked the child never to meet Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng again, so as not to come back to her biological parents when she grew up

Since then, the surrogacy event has been fermenting, causing heated discussion among the majority of netizens

"Surrogacy" has always been a controversial social issue

On the one hand, it has indeed brought hope to many infertile families, but on the other hand, it has also caused legal, moral, ethical and other problems

In addition, a huge black industry chain of surrogacy has emerged in the world

Generally speaking, "surrogacy" means spending money to have children with other people's stomachs, which is also known as "giving birth by borrowing stomachs"

In the world, except for a few countries, this kind of behavior can not be seen

It is illegal, and it is forbidden in China

The earlier surrogacy is to solve some extreme situations, such as infertility, sending people with white hair to people with black hair, etc

According to the data survey, about 10 out of every 100 women of school age in the world are infertile; In order to solve this extreme situation, surrogacy appeared

However, with the progress of the times and the development of society, surrogacy has gradually become the goal of improving the needs of others

For example, strong commercial women should develop their careers, and female artists should maintain their bodies and jobs; Other people feel that it is too painful to have a baby in October, and they always want to spend some money to find someone to "do it", just like the women invited by their own family

Gradually, a mature black industrial chain has been formed, with the total output value of the industry reaching billions

Surrogate mother providers, surrogate agencies and other intermediaries have emerged

A media survey has been conducted

There are more than 400 private institutions in China, including 600000-1

5 million surrogacy

According to the height, appearance, health level and even educational background of surrogate women, they have become "machines" for making babies here, and babies have become products

The BBC once filmed a "surrogate", recording the more real surrogates in India

In this film, the surrogates are locked in a house, which has been supervised without personal freedom until the birth of a child

The surrogate mother receives her salary by installment

The average surrogate pregnancy is $8000, the twins are $10000, the abortion within three months is $600, and the abortion after three months is $1200

After six months of pregnancy, she can get all the expenses

Here, the greater victims are not surrogates, but children, living lives one by one

Many employers need to test the sex of the baby in advance

If a girl is likely to be knocked out, a boy will be born

Many other surrogate agencies will implant multiple embryos into the surrogate mother to conceive multiple births

After birth, the "extra" children will become their extra commodities for sale

Shudder, when a new life was born, we were cheering, but some children were born to represent the evil of the benefit smoker

Surrogacy is illegal

I firmly resist surrogacy

We should respect women

We should not regard women as a tool of production and serve those infertile families

We are all human beings

It is not too urgent to quarrel with each other

What do you think about the surrogate behavior and the Zhang Heng Zheng Shuang incident? Welcome to leave a message for discussion

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