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One time reward of 100000 yuan for surrogacy; set tempting traps on the website to defraud money

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http://www。 sina。 com。 CNAT 01:52 on December 29th, 2005, Qingdao News Network "my wife and I have no children since we got married

Today, a website sent me an email saying that we can find a surrogate and need to pay 100000 yuan

" Yesterday, Mr

Pan, a citizen, called the morning post news hotline 82888000 to report that he suspected that a website called "Longfeng love surrogate" was fishy

Can a "surrogate" earn 100000? Yesterday, according to the website provided by Mr

Pan, the reporter logged in to the website of "Longfeng love surrogate"

The website claimed that it could not only provide young and healthy "surrogate service personnel" for infertile couples, but also recruit young women to be "surrogate service personnel" all over the country

The reporter dialed the mobile phone provided on the website, and Lin, the person in charge of the website, answered the mobile phone

He told the reporter that surrogacy is a voluntary act of combining the woman's egg with her husband's sperm to form a fertilized egg on the premise that the woman has completely lost her fertility, and completing the whole pregnancy process in the surrogate volunteer's uterus

"It can protect the reproductive rights of infertile women and healthy husbands"

It is a kind of "love behavior", which has been reported by many domestic media

The reporter also saw on the website that "surrogate service personnel" with different educational background and appearance get different benefit fees through surrogacy, which are divided into 8 levels from a to H8: A: pure salary of 40000, junior high school education, average appearance

D: pure salary of 70000, senior high school education, good appearance

H: pure salary of 100000, undergraduate education, good appearance

That is to say, the benefit fee for a surrogate pregnancy of a beautiful female college student is 100000 yuan

"Surrogacy" website is a trap

The reporter heard Lin, the person in charge of the website, say something mysterious, so he pretended that his wife was infertile and asked to find a surrogate

He wanted to see the information of "surrogacy service personnel" first, but Lin said that he must deposit 1000 yuan into his designated account to see the information

The reporter's female colleague then called the website's mobile phone and asked to be a surrogate

Lin even asked the reporter's colleague to call 500 yuan to his account

"If you don't see the information, you need money

Is it a fraud?" Facing the reporter's query, Lin said that the website had been reported by the democracy and legal times and had an office in a hotel on Wenhua Road, Jimo City

The reporter then learned from the chief editor's office of the democracy and legal times that the newspaper had never reported on this website

Later, the reporter contacted the hotel on Wenhua Road in Jimo City

The hotel attendant said that there was no "dragon and Phoenix love surrogate" in the hotel

When the reporter questioned Lin about the situation he had interviewed, he hung up his mobile phone without answering

"Surrogacy" is an illegal act

In the interview, Lin also revealed that three couples in Qingdao found "surrogacy service personnel" through the website and "borrowed" the uterus to give birth to a child, but refused to disclose their contact information

The reporter learned from the health department that the Ministry of health promulgated the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology on august1,2001, which clearly prohibits commercial surrogacy and stipulates that the application of human assisted reproductive technology should be carried out in medical institutions for medical purposes and in line with domestic family planning policies, ethical principles and relevant laws and regulations

It is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form

Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogate technology

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