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Guangzhou black market of selling eggs: Girls earn 15000 by selling eggs at a time, and some people almost lose their li

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Original title: exclusive exposure of "black market egg selling" in Guangzhou: girls can earn 1% by selling eggs once

50000 yuan

Some people almost lost their lives because of this

Many people have seen the small advertisement of "egg donation" on the street

In fact, it is an illegal act of "selling eggs"

Illegal ovulation promotion is to forcibly remove the eggs from the ovaries by physical means, which will cause great damage to women, ranging from ovarian rupture to ovarian removal and even lifelong infertility

Nowadays, some young girls who are greedy for money or bewitched by others will go to these black market institutions to donate eggs

But every minute does great harm to the body

A young woman trusted "black agents" to sell eggs and almost lost her life

At the age of 26, Xiao Chen is slim and elegant

At present, she works as a customer service in an organization and earns more than 2000 yuan a month

In May this year, a friend "Ah Wei" who was not often contacted on wechat suddenly sent a message to her, saying that there was a way to make fast money, earning 10000 to 50000 yuan a half month

"Awei" asked Xiao Chen to provide basic information such as age, height and educational background, and attach two life photos

Within a few days, Xiao Chen received the interview notice

Only then did she know that the so-called "relatives" were just a cover, and the other party had a fixed customer base

A young woman who sells eggs can earn 1

On May 12, Xiao Chen passed the interview

Subsequently, the intermediary took her to the hospital for physical examination

The results showed that everything was normal

For convenience, she was instructed to contact her by mobile phone as soon as she came to the menstrual leave, because before ovulation promotion, she needed to give a large dose of ovulation induction needles

According to the mobile video provided by Xiao Chen, in the ward on the third floor of Guang'an hospital, there were twoorthree young girls, only in their twenties

Two women who call themselves "doctors" are giving them injections

Xiao Chen said that he had been given ovulation induction injections for 11 consecutive days, a total of 18 injections

The day after that, it was even more exaggerated

I had 5 injections at one time

But only the first needle was made in the hospital, and the others were operated by Wu, a joint intermediary

According to the wechat chat records, Wu asked Xiao Chen to take the needle and medicine to her home on Zhongshan 8th Road

This is a single apartment with only one bed and a few simple pieces of furniture

The picture shows that there are three people in the room

Wu is holding a needle and talking on his mobile phone


The operating room was hidden

He had to wear an eye mask to confiscate his mobile phone

For 11 days, Xiao Chen stayed in a youth hostel near Wu's home, and all expenses during this period were borne by the intermediary

On the 12th day, Wu sent a message to Xiao Chen, asking her to arrive at a hotel before 5 p


when a silver gray van with a foreign license plate would pick her up for surgery

After driving for nearly an hour, Xiao Chen and others finally reached the "operating room

" She could not tell what city or place she had visited, but she vaguely remembered that it was a villa with a simple environment and several simple surgical equipment

After the operation, the patient suffered from physical discomfort and called for "regret"

Xiao Chen said that the doctor used a long needle to puncture the follicles and suck out the eggs through the vagina without giving himself anesthesia

The whole operation lasted 10 minutes

After the operation, the intermediary transferred 1% through wechat and Alipay

Give her 20000 yuan

But in the next few days, Xiao Chen's stomach began to swell and ache, looking as big as five months pregnant

The doctor told Xiao Chen that ascites would be produced after artificial drainage

Fortunately, her condition is not serious

As long as she takes good care of herself, she will recover slowly

But recalling the experience of "selling eggs", Xiao Chen regretted it very much

According to Xiao Chen, in the past half a month, she saw many young girls like herself selling eggs to make quick money under the flicker and temptation of intermediaries

Some girls still do not know the harmfulness and illegality of promoting discharge

How many such black intermediaries are there on the market? And which hospitals give them "assists" behind their backs? Continue to look at the reporter's investigation

The reporter investigated that the black market threshold of "selling eggs" is low, and the selfie's education determines the price

According to the clues provided by insiders, the reporter got a business card from an intermediary

The content is: part-time recruitment of love egg donation girls, 18 to 27 years old, earning more than 10000 yuan in half a month, helping others and achieving themselves; Full time recruitment of healthy surrogate, 20 to 37 years old, annual income of 140000 to 200000, including food and housing, without paying any fees, with wechat QR code and mobile number on it

The agent, who claimed to be surnamed Chen, said that the level of remuneration depends on the conditions of the reporter

If the appearance is high and the education is good, the price will naturally be high

The reporter said that he is 25 years old, 1

6 meters tall and 55 kilograms in weight

He has no family genetic diseases, but he looks average and has only a technical secondary school degree

The reporter interviewed the "egg selling" and "surrogate" intermediaries on mobile phones

In the circle of friends of another intermediary, the reporter saw many small videos about "egg selling"

"The physical examination will be finished when the girl from other places is interviewed"; "The interview and physical examination of those who came from Hunan today, with a favorable interest rate of 99%, quickly get money in 10 days, and also loan to travel

It is reliable and solid

" It is worth noting that these intermediaries are silent about the risks and hazards of surgery

In the intermediary's circle of friends, the reporter saw many small videos about "selling eggs"

According to the information provided by insiders, there are five steps for "selling eggs" in the black market, namely, filling in materials, customer interview, hospital physical examination, injection promotion and manual drainage promotion, and the last two steps are more critical

As he blindfolded and confiscated his mobile phone after getting on the bus, Xiao Chen was unable to provide the specific location of the operation

However, the location of the first ovulation induction injection was very clear

It was in Guang'an hospital in Baiyun District

The reporter investigated that the hospital was empty

The personnel involved denied that they had been given an injection

At about 11 a


on July 15, the reporter came to Guang'an hospital to learn about the situation

It happened that director Zhou and Yuan Yuan appeared together

They denied that they had given the girls ovulation induction injections, and insisted that they had not seen "Xiao Zhang" who had received the injections

The performance of this hospital is really embarrassing

The reporter just wanted to know about the situation, but the answer from the person in charge was nine or eight, and the doctor tipped off and arranged for the personnel to leave? We don't know what the intention is, but it is really intriguing

The reason why the "egg selling" black market needs to be exposed is that it violates relevant domestic laws and regulations, and there are great risks and hazards

The lawyer said that it is necessary to improve the level of legislation and intensify punishment

According to the measures for the management of human assisted reproductive technology and the measures for the management of human sperm bank promulgated and implemented by China's health department in 2001

The two Measures stipulate that the sale of sperm, eggs and embryos in any form is prohibited, and all kinds of surrogacy are strictly prohibited

Medical personnel who practice medicine in non fixed and legal medical places, whether or not they have obtained the qualification for medical practice, shall be punished as the crime of illegal medical practice

If there is an informed situation that the position personnel use the position conditions to illegally promote the discharge

Hospitals will also be given corresponding administrative penalties

If it constitutes a criminal crime, the main person in charge of the hospital should also bear the corresponding criminal responsibility

At present, the health department can only manage doctors and medical institutions

For the websites and intermediaries that illegally "sell eggs" and "surrogate", the lawyer said that the cooperation of industry and commerce, public security, industry and information technology and other departments is needed to form a joint force for governance

How to ban illegal surrogacy, it is urgent to improve the level of legislation, increase the punishment of surrogacy and other illegal acts

Does it really worth selling eggs to make money? In this case of a young woman selling eggs, we must not ignore a fact

Many of the girls who sell eggs don't know why

They can even be said to have been abducted and taken part in this absolutely harmful thing to themselves! If someone tells them the truth, selling eggs will seriously threaten their health and may seriously endanger their lives

Would they do that again? We believe that some people will still take risks, but most people will choose to retreat

The practice of the black heart clinic is to cover up and cajole the whole process

It is biased to attribute all the reasons to the girls' loss of self because of their material desires

This is undoubtedly an atrocity of squeezing and exploiting young girls through asymmetric information

Both the black clinic and egg clients know the risks behind the ovulation promotion, except for the girls who have been cheated

Some people are eager to meet their own reproductive desires

Black intermediaries covet high profits, so they regard the lives of young girls as grass-roots

We should also be held accountable for these black heart clinics and egg clients stained with human blood

Please protect yourself against illegal exclusion promotion girls!