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CCTV accused surrogacy: it is forbidden by law, but morality is hard to tolerate!

2022-09-16 11:22 browse:

It is no surprise that the bigger melon in 2021 is a serial

When Xiaobian wrote this article today, the "hot explosion" of microblog was updated without stopping → it all belongs to Zheng Shuang

The following is a brief summary: at 1:00 p


on January 18, 2021, Zheng Shuang's ex boyfriend Zhang Heng posted a microblog denying rumors of fraud, loan sharking, tax evasion, etc

As soon as this microblog was posted, people wondered whether the child's mother was Zheng Shuang? Then Zhang Hengfang directly provided all the evidence to the media, including: 1

The birth certificate of two children


Several photos of Zhang Heng and his two children living in the United States


A recording of a dialogue between Zhang Heng's family and Zheng Shuang's family


A screenshot of public information about Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang's lawsuit in the United States

On January 19, 2021, @ CCTV Weibo successively released two comments, namely, "CCTV's comments on surrogacy and abandonment are difficult to tolerate" and "surrogacy in any form is prohibited in China, so it is well known!" CCTV mentioned that a former surrogate mother was "returned" and later a star suspected of being a surrogate wanted to abandon her child

The exposure of the recording that "I can't beat it, I'm bored to death" is even more outrageous

Surrogacy is forbidden in China, and its disregard for life is heinous: surrogate who gives birth to a boy will be forced to abort a girl; If the fetus is defective or discarded

Such trampling on the bottom line is difficult for law and morality! What is surrogacy? Surrogacy refers to the process of implanting the fertilized egg into the uterus of the surrogate mother, and the pregnant mother completes the "October pregnancy and delivery" for others

Women need to implant fertilized eggs of others during surrogacy

The combination of sperm and eggs outside the human body must implement "human assisted reproductive technology"

So, what are the legal provisions on surrogacy in China? It is understood that there are two laws and regulations related to surrogacy in China, namely, the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology and the ethical principles for human assisted reproductive technology and human sperm bank

Among them, the measures for the administration of human assisted reproductive technology clearly states that the application of human assisted reproductive technology should be carried out in medical institutions for medical purposes and in line with domestic family planning policies, ethical principles and relevant legal provisions; It is prohibited to trade gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form; Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogate technology

If human assisted reproductive technology is required, it must be implemented in approved and registered medical institutions and shall comply with the provisions of the specification for human assisted reproductive technology formulated by the Ministry of health

The implementation of human assisted reproductive technology should follow the principle of informed consent and sign the informed consent form; If ethical issues are involved, they shall be submitted to the medical ethics committee for discussion

No unit or individual may implement human assisted reproductive technology without the approval of the administrative department of public health

In other words, the law of our country stipulates that the relevant medical institutions and technicians prohibit surrogacy, but there are no relevant legal punishment measures for the entrusted surrogate and the surrogate

I hope every woman can respect themselves and revere life

Surrogacy is shameful, and abandonment is even more outrageous

I also hope that the domestic legal system can be more established and improved, so as to completely strangle the surrogacy black industry in the cradle, and respect every little life that comes to the world!