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The couple who lost their independence invited a surrogate, but the pregnant mother of the child's offspring refused to

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Around us, there are some special families, who feel dejected because they can never wait for their children to go home

They are called "families that have lost their independence"

Most of them are over 50 years old, but their only son died prematurely due to illness or accident

After experiencing the great tragedy of "old age and loss of children", he has lost his fertility and can only bear the pressure of providing for the aged and spiritual emptiness alone

Zhengxiande (not his real name) has been in love with his wife for more than 20 years

The couple had an only son named zhengweihao (a pseudonym)

The fate of this happy and peaceful family was completely changed in an accident

Zhenghao died in a car accident while taking part in a university graduation tour

This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for the zhengxiande couple

The husband went to his only son, and the couple were so heartbroken that they couldn't accept the sudden change

In particular, zhengxiande's wife has been immersed in the great grief of losing her beloved son for three years

The family even kept half a barbecued bun left over by Haohao before he died

Zhengxiande's wife often saw things and thought of others, and her spirit nearly collapsed

In the past few years, the couple moved seven times to escape from the place where their son once lived and to forget the grief of losing their son

However, children are the heart of their parents, and every smile is deeply engraved in their parents' hearts

So, where can I forget? After moving, zhengxiande and his wife always like to stay at home alone and never interact with their neighbors

Whenever they are celebrating the Spring Festival, or when they hear others talking about their children cheerfully on the road, they always avoid it immediately

This made the neighbors think the couple was a strange couple

How could they understand the pain and sadness of the couple

The couple were overwhelmed by this sadness

Although they always say they want to forget, each time they move, the couple are reluctant to throw away the souvenirs left by their son, including the half leftover barbecue bun

Behind the despair, they chose an extreme way to try to get out of the haze of losing independence

One day, Zheng Xiande's wife wept over half a barbecued bun

Zheng Xiande couldn't stand it any longer

He grabbed the barbecue bun and threw it on the ground

He asked his wife to come out of her grief

Just then, the wife came up with an idea

Proposed to have another child

The couple went to the hospital the next day, but the doctor told them that because the wife had undergone endometriosis surgery, but her recovery was poor and she was an elderly woman, she could not conceive again

The couple left the hospital disappointed, but at the gate of the hospital, a young girl put a leaflet in their hands

It turned out to be a surrogate leaflet

Zhengxiande's wife immediately chased up with leaflets

After inquiry, the cost of surrogacy is 150000 yuan

However, the couple need to divorce in a fake way and let Zheng Xiande marry the surrogate mother in a fake way

In this way, the household registration problem will be solved after the child is born

Zhengxiande was very opposed to this practice at first

He felt that the age of the surrogate woman was about the same as that of his son, and he could not accept it

But unable to resist his wife's plea, he finally agreed

In this way, the surrogate mother named Yangyang came into this special family

However, the process of conception is in vitro fertilization

When zhengxiande and his wife knew that they were pregnant through in vitro fertilization, their attitude towards Yang Yang was better

They treated her like their own daughter, taking care of her every detail in life

Three people lived happily under the same roof for a period of time

Soon after, Yang Yang got pregnant smoothly

At the first time of B-ultrasound, Yang Yang had the feeling of being a mother

After a few months of pregnancy, Yang Yang had deep feelings for her baby

Whenever he thought of leaving him after his child was born, Yang Yang's eyes showed a deep reluctance to give up

But zhengxiande and his wife knew nothing about it

They were immersed in the joy of the coming of their new baby

In October, the baby was conceived, and finally the baby was born

Yangyang gave birth to a daughter

Zhengxiande named it Weiyue, which means the love of Haohao

Zhengxiande and his wife held the newborn child in their arms and refused to give up

As soon as the child reached the full moon, zhengxiande handed over 150000 surrogacy fees to Yang Yang and asked him to go through divorce procedures with Yang Yang

However, at this time, Yang Yang went back on his word

She said she didn't want to sell the baby, and she didn't want the surrogate fee

With that, Yang Yang grabbed the child and rushed out of the house with the child in his arms while the couple were still awake

The couple hurried out, but failed to catch up

In this way, Yang Yang disappeared with the child who had just reached the full moon

Until half a year later, zhengxiande and his wife received a phone call from the police

It turned out that Yang Yang and his children were on the streets and brought back to the police station by the local police

Zhengxiande and his wife took Yangyang and the child back from the police station

At the moment of entering the house, zhengxiande grabbed the child and locked Yangyang out of the door

But Yang Yang kept knocking at the door and refused to leave

Zhengxiande and his wife finally couldn't bear to open the door

Yang Yang asked them to return the child to her

But the couple said that they had lost a child and could not afford to lose it again

Yang Yang also said that Yueyue was her only child, and she could not live without Yueyue

She had thought that the surrogacy would end at the moment when the umbilical cord was cut off, but the kinship was so subtle

If zhengxiande and his wife are willing to give their children to her, she is willing to provide for them

Zhengxiande said, "we are not afraid that no one will provide for the elderly

The heart is empty and always empty

" Yang Yang said that if he couldn't live without a son, why didn't he go with him

Zhengxiande's wife said, "do you think we haven't thought about it? But we are too weak!" In the end, the three of them reached an agreement

Zhengxiande and yangyangxian went through divorce surgery

But Yueyue is the child of three people and is raised by three people

Demographers predict that the number of families who have lost their independence will reach 10million in the future

The Ministry of Civil Affairs said that the elderly who have lost their independence will be supported by the government according to the standard of "three no elderly"

We also hope that those old people who have lost their children can get rid of the pain of losing their independence and enjoy a happy old age

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