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This group of angelababy's big belly photos severely beat her face and said that she was a surrogate Zhuo Wei

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Do women really eat fat when they are pregnant? Not necessarily

Many spicy mothers eat reasonably

With some exercise, even if they are pregnant, they will not gain a lot of weight, not to mention the big stars with special nutritionists

Zhang Zetian and Kunling still feel very girlish after giving birth to their children

Yang Mi, angelababy, Qi Wei and others quickly recovered their bodies after giving birth to their children

Especially in the photos of being discharged from the hospital, they could not see that they were newly born women

Maintaining their bodies too well caused them a lot of malicious speculation and rumors

Among them, there are more rumors about surrogacy between baby and Yang Mi

A few days ago, Zhuo Wei, who frantically answered the questions of netizens, picked out the question about whether angelababy was a surrogate or not

His answer was: it is said that she was not, but "born" to her

This ambiguous answer shows that Zhuo Wei has ulterior motives

It's OK to give a good answer with or without a good answer

However, double quotation marks are placed on the word "biological"

What is this not malicious guidance? In the face of Zhuo Wei's making a big fuss about the passing on of baby as a surrogate, angelababy studio directly forwarded Zhuo Wei's microblog to answer the questions of netizens, and sent it back: rumors are rumors

Thank teacher Zhuo for clarifying the first half of the sentence, but he did not accept the malicious guidance of the second half of the sentence in large quotation marks

Forwarding more than 500 is to bear legal responsibility

We really "love you"

Yang Ying's studio has done a good job in "tit for tat"

It puts "love you" in double quotation marks

The implication is that we have long hated your unrestrained and disorderly rumors, and one day it will come out of our mouth

Just before Yang Ying's studio responded to Zhuo Wei, Lu Han was asked in a media interview about Zhuo Wei's revelation that he had a girlfriend giving birth to a child

The honest and foolish roe deer directly confronted Zhuo Wei: if you talk nonsense again, I will lock your mouth

If you tell lies, I admit that you are the first in China

Netizens praised it one after another: it is so beautiful that it deserves to be an authentic man in Beijing

Spread a rumor and open your mouth, baby this group of big belly photos beat Zhuo Wei, baby surrogate? I don't know why people still believe this

Haven't you seen the pictures of baby's big belly taken privately before? Don't watch too many movies and TV dramas, thinking that these pictures of baby's big belly are fake, or there are pillows in his belly

It's not too funny

In fact, after baby became pregnant, she just kept a low profile

She didn't take photos of her stomach

Even if she took photos of her waiting to give birth, she covered her stomach

But from the paparazzi's sneak photos, there was no surrogate pregnancy at all

Didn't Zhuo Wei and other artificial rumors read the news before?