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Who are the three generations of test tube babies suitable for in Russia

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Ten years ago, we may not know what test tube baby is

However, with the development of test tube baby technology and the change of social ideology, test tube baby technology has become very common

Therefore, at present, there is no need to worry about the idea that the child feels different from others because of in vitro fertilization

The child was also born in October, which is not different from ordinary people

It is just that he has experienced difficulties and should be more grateful and cherished

? At present, the test tube baby technology has developed from the first generation to the third generation

What problems can the current test tube baby technology solve? Let's take a look at the advantages of the third generation of test tube babies: the third generation of test tube babies are divided into PGD and PGs

PGD is mainly used to check whether embryos carry genes with genetic defects

After the sperm and egg combine to form a fertilized egg and develop into an embryo, genetic testing is carried out before it is implanted into the uterus

At present, preimplantation genetic diagnosis can diagnose some diseases caused by single gene defects, such as Mediterranean anemia

? PGs refers to the detection of chromosome number and structural abnormalities of early embryos before test tube infant embryo transfer, mainly by detecting the 23 pairs of chromosome structure and number of embryos, and analyzing whether embryos have genetic material abnormalities through comparison

These two techniques can directly screen out problematic embryos, so as to eliminate unhealthy embryos and select normal embryos for implantation into the uterus, so as to obtain normal pregnancy and improve the clinical pregnancy rate of patients

? The third generation of test tube babies in Russia is suitable for people who want to choose gender

The third generation test tube baby technology can select the baby's gender before the embryo is implanted into the mother's womb through the examination of embryo chromosomes, which is convenient for balancing family relations and having both children

For families with genetic diseases due to chromosomal abnormalities, the three generation test tube baby technology can detect 23 pairs of chromosomes and screen 125 kinds of genetic diseases, effectively avoiding the problems of fetal arrest and children carrying genetic diseases due to natural pregnancy

Due to the decline of fertility of eggs and uterus, older women are prone to miscarriage, and most of them have the problem of abnormal embryo staining

For women over the age of 35, the more miscarriages, the worse their fertility

Each failure is a huge blow to themselves

The third generation of IVF technology can greatly help elderly patients increase pregnancy rate

So as to reduce the mental torture and physical injury caused by multiple abortions

If there are more than 3 spontaneous abortions due to uterine environment and endocrine reasons, or the first and second generation test tube transplants fail for many times, the third generation screening blastocyst transplantation can be adopted to improve the favorable rate

The development of the third generation of test tube babies can improve the "quality" of the next generation

When making the third generation of test tube babies, friends with high-risk genetic diseases must choose a regular hospital, and professional doctors should formulate the operation plan in combination with the actual situation