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Zheng Shuang follow up! Compensation of RMB 800million! Is it because of surrogacy that the state media laid a heavy han

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This period of time is undoubtedly a hell of life for Zheng Shuang

It took Zheng Shuang ten years from watching the meteor shower together to becoming the top flower in the entertainment industry, but it only took her three days to "die"

Radio and television have issued a statement, denouncing Zheng Shuang's act of surrogacy and abandonment, and saying that it will not provide her with any opportunity to speak out, that is, a complete ban

For the blocking of guojingming and Yu Zheng, they can not appear in front of the stage again, but they can still work behind the scenes

For Fan Bingbing's ban, he just can't endorse and film, but he can still appear in public

Fan Bingbing can also bring goods on the little red book

In the same way, Zhang Mo's ban is just that he can't go on stage, but Zheng Shuang is completely cool

She also became the first person directly banned by the SARFT and a younger female artist currently banned

After the first domino was pushed down, many of the impacts of the storm gradually emerged with the continuous fermentation of the incident; 1、 Is it abandonment to face the sky high endorsement liquidated damages? As a highly popular flow flower in the entertainment industry, Zheng Shuang has a very high commercial value and is responsible for many brand endorsements

After Zheng Shuang's debut, all the brand partners who had cooperated with him quickly drew a clear line and declared that they would "terminate all cooperative relations with Ms

Zheng Shuang"

Prada is more famous

Prada is Zheng Shuang's higher achievement in the field of endorsement since his debut

After the scandal was exposed on the 18th, the share price of the brand began to plummet at 2 p


the microblogs of fashion bazaar and weekend pictorial quickly deleted Zheng Shuang's photos and cleaned up relevant microblogs

Zheng Shuang used to pay 15million yuan for endorsements every two years

Now the liquidated damages she is about to face are almost sky high

A few days before the accident, Zheng Shuang announced that she had purchased a new house

The house price of this luxurious house in the center of Shanghai, which covers an area of up to square meters, is as high as 1

500million yuan is not guaranteed

It is reported that her house mortgage in Shanghai has not been paid off

With a house of 500million yuan, there are still 600000 yuan of housing loans per month

2、 The film and television works have not been broadcast yet, and Zheng Shuang has been classified as a troublemaker by the film company to recover losses

All film and television works have been removed from the shelves, and the Huading award has also cancelled Zheng Shuang's relevant awards

Although Zheng Shuang took root in variety arts to make money and did not shoot any film and television works in the past two years, she has a lot of stock

Once the well shot plays can not be broadcast due to external factors, the investors should be held accountable

According to the statistics of netizens, Zheng Shuang currently has at least 4 or 5 dramas to be broadcast, including the top secret who cooperates with Tong Dawei, the new version of the ghost of a beautiful woman, the guest star liulaogen 4, and the emerald lover, liulaogen 4 and 1921, which cooperate with Korean actor Li zhongshuo, The filmmaker will remove Zheng Shuang's scenes through re editing or AI head changing technology to obtain the release license

At present, relevant information about Zheng Shuang has been deleted from cat's eye and Douban in 1921

However, the works starring Zheng Shuang may not be able to see the sun

Two of them have been sold to the platform, one is the ghost of a beautiful woman, the other is the spy war drama top secret, and the TV stations they bought have also begun to attract investment

But now the two dramas have been stopped, and the loss in the middle is roughly estimated to be as high as 200million

Zheng Shuang needs to pay for these losses

No wonder many insiders lament that because of the negative behavior of an artist, all those who have worked hard for the project have to pay with him

"1921" and "the top secret" are all sacrificial dramas

If nothing happens, Zheng Shuang may have a smooth transition through the new dramas

Unfortunately, there is no "if"

3、 Can female stars still have frozen egg surrogacy? Although surrogacy is prohibited in China, in fact, there are many frozen egg female stars in the entertainment circle

Yes, and this is a topic that can be openly discussed

The next step for many frozen eggs of female stars is surrogacy, but they don't publicly admit surrogacy

However, we often see a female star disappear for a period of time, and then bring back a child from the United States

Some of these children come from surrogacy

This has long been a semi public secret in the entertainment industry

However, Zheng Shuang is the only one whose "surrogate abandonment" has been found

Personally, I think the focus of Zheng Shuang's incident should be abandonment, not surrogacy

In fact, surrogacy varies from person to person, so it can't be applied in one size fits all

However, many media reports on Zheng Shuang's illegal surrogacy have focused on surrogacy, which may also be used to suppress the current chaos of surrogacy

Surrogacy has also been put on colored glasses, but now Zheng Shuang's "surrogacy abandonment" has been banned, which is actually telling artists that if you still want to mix in the entertainment industry, you can't surrogate

Just imagine what would happen if Zheng Shuang only became a surrogate and didn't abandon her child today! Xu Jinglei, Yuan Li, ye Xuan and other female stars have publicly and generously stated that they have frozen eggs, because this was once a topic that can be openly discussed

Many female stars do not want children now but do not want to regret one day in the future, so they freeze eggs and buy insurance

Now these people who have nothing to do with surrogacy have been coerced in one after another

Which actress dares to talk about freezing eggs again in the future? Not to mention surrogacy! Maybe this thing will well encourage female stars to give birth in person! Twelve years ago, Zheng Shuang came into the public's view with "let's watch the meteor shower", but since then she has no good film and television works

Instead, she has plastic surgery, love, amazing speech, live broadcast out of control, and exposure to luxury houses

Although she has entered the hot search in this incredible way, it still brings her more brand cooperation, commercial endorsement, and higher film engagement, Even Zheng Shuang freely admitted in the program: "every time a hot search, the film pay will rise

" It's just that Zheng Shuang has been on the hot search this time, but there is no more pay to go up

Is Zheng Shuang's behavior ugly? Ugly, of course! But is this the uglier thing in the entertainment industry? No, the entertainment industry is much dirtier and uglier than this, and it has been suppressed

Zheng Shuang had this incident, and it is still because there is no good military master behind her

However, if there is a reasonable agent, he will tell his family that some things cannot be done! But Zheng Shuang's team is her parents, who only have money in their eyes and don't know what to do

They will only bring more disasters

Therefore, the money of the brokerage team can not be saved

It can be said that the young Zheng Shuang was killed because of his own fault

Although she has made a lot of money in her career over the years, she will face a compensation of up to 800 million yuan this time

From the current development trend, Zheng Shuang's next situation may be that "he has been in the business for more than ten years, and once he returns to his popularity," Zheng Shuang's incident continues to ferment, But we should be more concerned about how the two children will be resettled

We will see each other next time

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