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Surrogate mothers want custody of their children and take their father to court!

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Many people have heard of the term surrogacy, which refers to the process of implanting a fertilized egg into the uterus of a surrogate mother, who completes the "October pregnancy and delivery" for others

Nowadays, it is not difficult for science and technology to realize this process, but because it involves social, moral, legal and other issues, surrogacy is strictly prohibited in China

Nevertheless, there are still some families eager to have children and take the road of surrogacy

What we are talking about today is a thing triggered by surrogacy

Recently, a news about surrogate mothers competing for custody was on the hot search list

The protagonist of the matter was Lingling (a pseudonym)

When the reporter interviewed Lingling, she said that she knew that surrogate pregnancy was wrong, but from the moment the child was in her body, she could clearly feel the changes of the child in her stomach every day

Her feelings for the child became deeper and deeper, and she was more and more reluctant to give up the child

In order to compete for custody of the child, Lingling took Tiantian's father, Mr

Wang, to court

During the interview, Mr

Wang also said that he did not expect that things would develop to this stage

He had agreed with Lingling before

He did not expect that Lingling would eventually compete for custody, which was also a blow to Mr


He was also afraid of losing his children every day

In the end, the court awarded Tiantian to Mr

Wang, but Lingling was Tiantian's biological mother after all, and the court granted her the right to visit

In order to ensure the safety of the children, the court introduced a third-party visiting mechanism

The children need to meet Lingling every month accompanied by social workers

This incident has also triggered heated discussion on the Internet

Some people think that Lingling's maternal love for her children is worth advocating, but others think that Lingling is not suitable to say the word "maternal love" because her original intention of pregnant with children is for money

In fact, the more innocent one should be the child every day

As the child grows up day by day, he will become more and more sensible

Everyone is a mother, but there are two every day

This kind of thing will also have some impact on every day, right? Later, Xiaobian reminds you that surrogacy is illegal in China

No matter how eager you are to have a child, you can't do such things that are expressly prohibited in China

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