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200million Chinese almost leaked their genes! The United States has planned for more than 20 years

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At the beginning of this year, the famous singer Drake was sued by female netizens

Originally, this is a beautiful story after "falling in love at first sight"

According to the female netizen, after she met the singer on the social software, you came to me and chatted warmly

Later, she not only opened a party and drank wine, but also returned to the hotel together

It goes without saying what to do

They worked together for more than 20 minutes and each stopped fighting

Drake went to the bathroom first and threw TT

Everything should have come to an abrupt end here

As a result, the female netizen screamed soon after she went to the bathroom

What's going on? In fact, the so-called love at first sight is an illusion

All the female netizens think about is the kind of "mother depends on son" in Gong Dou drama

She went to the bathroom to find out the abandoned TT and planned to borrow it

Why do you scream? Of course, this little trick can't deceive the well-known singers who have been through many battles

Just between the two people taking baths, Drake poured a lot of strong chili sauce into TT to achieve chemical inactivation in the real sense

▲ the safety measures taken with you are very vigilant, which makes female netizens miserable

In fact, you can't blame Drake for being too cautious, because there aren't too many similar things in recent years

In 2017, three women in Zimbabwe, Africa, were accused of collecting liquid j from an innocent man by kidnapping and drugging and selling it as a mascot for good luck; In April of the same year, the Customs at the border between Thailand and Laos also seized an absurd case of smuggling human J liquid

It is said that in order to realize the transportation process with high standards and strict requirements, this brother also specially transformed a large liquid nitrogen insulation cylinder

Why is it so expensive? That, of course, is to have children

Although modern science is very developed, human cloning is still an ethical taboo, so no matter whether you are a billionaire or a dignitary, the only way to reproduce is still a more primitive combination of sperm and eggs, and more is stealing sperm and surrogacy, so you can't turn the big waves

It is difficult to steal actuarial data, but if the goal is set lower, it will not be so complicated

In 1998, some European and American institutions tried to collect genetic samples of the long-lived elderly in China

This project is funded by the National Institutes of health in the United States, with the participation of Duke University in the United States and some research institutions in Europe

Although the Chinese materials at that time consciously evaded the idea of "gene", the special requirements for sampling still aroused many people's doubts

For example, before blood collection, soak and rub the old man's hands in hot water to promote blood circulation; When collecting blood, take blood from the old man's fingers with a needle, and the blood sample should be filled with 5 circles the size of a penny

When some staff arrived here, they understood that they were collecting China's genetic resources? Finally, thousands of blood samples collected were sealed under the exposure and questioning of the media

However, after 2000, some scholars studying in the United States took the lead in changing the name of the project

After obtaining financial support, they continued to collect genetic resources in China and transmitted data and materials to foreign countries without reservation

In terms of the scope of influence, this is not even more exaggerated

In the mid-1990s, Harvard University conducted a genetic study involving a large number of people and a wide range of influence in Anhui Province

Why choose Anhui? Because this place is more isolated than the coast, it is more "pure" from the perspective of genetics; It is also for this reason that many American pharmaceutical institutions hope to participate in the process by funding research funds

For example, at the end of 1994, the Millennium institution reached an agreement with a domestic institution to obtain the DNA of 500 families in Anhui, China for anonymous gene search and asthma gene search

They provided nearly US $million for this purpose

Foreign research institutions have obtained genes, while domestic research institutions have obtained funds

The only losers are the Anhui people who have been blood collected

Just like signing for the operation and taking the prescription before giving the medicine, similar studies must ensure the informed consent of the subjects

They stress an open and voluntary way, but the researchers at that time did not care about this - when taking blood, the operators hid behind a curtain, not only did they not give notice of how much blood they had drawn, but also only gave dozens of subsidies and two packets of instant noodles; As for the informed consent form that should have been signed by them, it did not appear in advance

According to the information listed on the website of the US National Institutes of health at that time, there were a total of 9 collection projects involved at that time, including hypertension, osteoporosis, nicotine addiction, asthma, trachea and lung function, and then gradually increased to 15

How many people will be sampled in the plan? In july1996, the news column of the American science magazine reported that the Harvard population genetics research program would "reach" 200million blood samples in China

If Harvard were to get more than 200million blood samples, the consequences would be terrible

However, in the eyes of some domestic research institutions, the whole thing is no big deal

On the contrary, they are very proud to get NIH funds and projects

For this matter, Ms

xionglei, a famous reporter, made field research and continued to run for many years, and finally made various details public, which not only triggered quite fierce discussion, but also successfully forced Harvard University to make corresponding "rectification"

On march28,2002, the "human research protection office" under the U


Department of health and human services reported the preliminary investigation results and found that these projects had "extensive and serious" violations in many aspects, such as bioethics, supervision and management, and ensuring the safety of participants

In May2002, when the president of Harvard University gave a speech at Peking University, he publicly admitted that their human body research in rural Anhui was "not only wrong, but also extremely wrong

" After that, the domestic supervision of genetic related research began to be strict

In june1998, the Interim Measures for the management of human genetic resources was officially released; On the basis of the interim measures, we have also formulated many relevant laws and regulations, which can be said to have been prevented

However, it is a pity that this does not seem to prevent a larger scale of "international exchanges"

In fact, in the eyes of many institutions, the actual long-term risks are not within their consideration

Compared with the illusory genetic safety and ethics, it is more attractive to publish papers, take funds and speculate in stock prices

In 2015, BGI and Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University were punished by the Ministry of science and technology for "carrying out international cooperative research on China's human genetic resources with Oxford University without permission" and "transferring part of human genetic resources information out of the country online without permission"

In 2016, Wuxi apptec was suspected of violating the regulations on the management of human genetic resources by illegally exporting 5165 human serum as dog plasma, which was also punished by the Ministry of science and technology

In 2018, China genetics office found that AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company, transferred the remaining samples of approved projects to other institutions without permission to carry out scientific research activities beyond the scope of approval

Of course, in addition to the samples sent abroad, there are many "running" to China

In 2019, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Customs seized a batch of human saliva samples entering the country

At that time, the express was sent from South Korea

The declared product was called "plastic cup", which was actually a pile of test tubes containing saliva

By february2022, at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, another batch of cotton swabs containing human saliva were seized by the customs, but this time they were declared under the guise of "immigration documents" without even sealed packaging

It's not that normal scientific research cannot be done, but at least the bottom line of safety still needs to be guaranteed

In a small way, this matter involves exaggerated economic benefits

After all, it is the research led by foreign pharmaceutical institutions

In the future, it will certainly not be soft when it comes to collecting money from patents; Generally speaking, there is no upper limit

Worries like genetic war and biochemical war are really groundless

After all, you can't have any trust in a country that controls more than 300 biological laboratories in more than 30 countries around the world and has decades of experience in biological warfare, bacteriological warfare and tradition

On March 22, the Ministry of science and Technology issued a notice on Soliciting Opinions on the detailed rules for the implementation of the regulations on the administration of human genetic resources

The contents involved are quite comprehensive

In any case, it's better to make up for the lost

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