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Surrogacy is legal, the uterus is rented, and there is one Ukrainian in every four X workers in Europe

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Ukraine, one of the three black lands in the world, is a "European granary" with boundless arable land and extremely fertile soil

In industry, he owns the machinery design bureau of Kharkov molozov, which is the mother of the Soviet Union's ace tank T-34

It has inherited over 700000 Soviet troops, 6000 tanks, 170 intercontinental missiles and even more than 2000 nuclear weapons

Ask for food, have food; Ukraine, once the second largest industrial country in the Soviet Union, has become the womb of Europe and the red light district of the world

Once upon a time, when people mentioned Ukraine, the first thing they thought about was the fertile land and powerful military power

As the second son after the collapse of the Soviet Union, not to mention its superior geographical location, which was extremely suitable for agriculture, but also the nuclear weapons that other domestic countries in the world longed for at that time

It inherited more than 2000 pieces from the Soviet Union

But today, when people talk about Ukraine again, they think of the legal surrogacy and the proliferation of J women in the country

In this country, engaging in color Q trading is not a crime, but a moral misconduct

If the police find out, they only need to pay a fine of 8-20 euros, which can be regarded as nothing

However, the vast majority of the local female X, whether they are young girls in their late teens or married women in their forties or fifties, have been engaged in surrogacy services

In Ukraine, acting as a surrogate mother can get remuneration ranging from US $10000 to US $50000 at a time, and the Ukrainian government will distribute US $250 to these surrogate mothers every month to supplement their nutrition

In most local jobs, the monthly salary is about $170-300

Therefore, in Ukraine, with the support of the government and attractive salary, the controversial industry of surrogacy is not a shame in their eyes

In order to meet their own living and consumption, many girls will sell their wombs to make babies become commodities and their bodies become containers

Even some husbands and boyfriends of Ukrainian woman x will support them to make money by surrogacy, because as men, their monthly salary is only $210-300

It's just that not every surrogate pregnancy goes smoothly

If these surrogate mothers miscarry or give birth to a stillborn baby, they will only get a reward of $200

The previous hard work and time will be wasted, and their bodies will also be greatly damaged

Subtitle 2? Ukraine, which sells Yin legally, is full of chaos

One of every four European x workers is Ukrainian

In Ukraine, because of the rapid imbalance of GDP, inflation and other factors, the living conditions of female X are not good

In 2005, a wave of laid-off workers broke out in Ukraine

In order to make a living, even if they had legitimate jobs, a considerable number of girls in Ukraine still went back to sell Yin

Normally, if a country puts its people in such a situation, the government should immediately stop such chaos and introduce policies to stabilize and protect the people at home and below

But Ukraine is not like this

The oligarchy will not consider for the Ukrainian people

Ukrainian politicians realize that the rapidly developing porn industry can not only stimulate the local economy, but also stimulate the tourism industry

In 2006, the law was directly amended to change the criminal act of selling y into an "improper" act at the moral level

It doesn't matter if the police catch it

As long as the symbol of X is fined, it's only 8-20 euros, which is about 56-140 yuan

Such punishment has undoubtedly contributed to the color Q market in Ukraine and led more and more Ukrainian girls to join the color Q industry

In 2012, Ukraine hosted the European Cup

A large number of fans from all over the world rush into Ukraine

That is, at this moment, Ukraine's rich color Q industry is well known all over the world, and Ukraine has become a well-known red light district in the world

Even according to the United Nations survey, one out of every four X workers in Europe is Ukrainian

In today's conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian color Q market, which has lost its source of customers, started selling some Ukrainian women to the Middle East and southern Europe in order to make money

These Ukrainian women who were sold abroad, because of their passports being confiscated and their lack of language, can only become a tool for foreign men to vent their lust

And the chaos of X transaction in Ukraine has also caused the spread of X disease and AIDS

According to the statistics of the Ukrainian Health Commission, about 17% of X workers in Ukraine suffer from or have suffered from X disease

However, it should be clear that there are far more x workers in Ukraine, and the number is increasing

Subtitle 3? Why does Ukraine, which has one of the world's more fertile lands, rely on women to sell sex to boost its economy? So how can Ukraine, as a country with tactical nuclear weapons and the third largest black land in the world, end up with moral degradation today? In 2004, Ukrainian President Yushchenko came to power, and he is a pro Western faction against Russia

After taking office, in order to please his voters, he announced that 80% of the government's budget for the whole year of 2005 would be distributed as welfare to the following citizens to raise their pensions and wages

It was really a stupid decision

Although it successfully won over the voters, it directly led to large-scale inflation in Ukraine, severely hit the economy, and directly caused the poor Ukrainian government to have no money for defense spending, industrial construction and national infrastructure construction

Both military production and infrastructure construction need a strong domestic budget

Yushchenko's operation undoubtedly brought down the Ukrainian economy

At that time, even the machinery manufacturing plant in southern Ukraine, which had independently developed and produced four generations of strategic missiles, was declared closed

Yushchenko panicked at the economic mess and directly decided what to sell in Ukraine

He quickly changed money to plug the hole

Ukraine's economy has collapsed and its military strength is running out

After that, in order to save the economy and stop the wave of domestic unemployment, Ukraine, with its declining economy, had to free itself and do everything to stimulate consumption and economic development